9 good reasons to fall in love

Being single, it’s true that it has its good sides when you think about it … But nonetheless, feeling our little heart beating for a Jules and starting a romantic relationship, it’s still a most pleasant situation to live.
Here are 9 good reasons to fall in love!

Falling in love gives you a smile!

And yes, that’s why when we have a new Darling, all our relatives realize it without having to tell them: they see us constantly all smiling, and we even burst out laughing at all too bad or super-stupid jokes. Grilled.
Falling in love makes us sublime!

And not just inside, but outside too! When we start a new relationship, we want to reveal ourselves to each other in our best light. So, we always make ourselves beautiful, we take care of ourselves, we pamper ourselves … Result: we are hot 24 hours a day, and everyone sees it!

Falling in love is good for the figure!

Logic: when we are in love, we like to live on love and freshwater. While when you’re single, you prefer to live on aperitifs, 1-liter jars of ice cream, Dragibus, and chocolate. Our scale also loves that we fall in love, that’s for sure!

Falling in love gives you energy!

When we start a relationship with a Jules, we discover incredible energy: we do not hesitate to cross the city on foot to join him at his party, we register with him for a half-marathon to impress him, we go 98 stores to find him a nice shirt for his wedding next week, and we are even happy to vacuum the apartment when he comes. Simply incredible!

Falling in love is reassuring!

It’s true that when we’re in love, we say to ourselves that whatever happens, we will always have someone: who will console us for our horrible day at work, who will accompany us to the shops, who will help us to make an important decision, which will give us a little massage if we block a nerve, and also which will warm our feet in the evening in bed!

Falling in love is practical!

In a less romantic spirit: falling in love allows you to halve the rent, the restaurant, the movies … Ok, it’s not very glam ‘, but it’s still nice too, isn’t it?

Falling in love makes you plan!

It’s true that going from “1” to “2” often encourages you to make plans: a new, larger apartment, wedding wishes, baby dreams, a house with a large garden … And make plans, it immediately gives us morale and it infuses us with a crazy energy that would make us move mountains. Hot ahead!


Falling in love is the jackpot!

No matter how well you are a single lady in her stilettos, you have to admit that when you fall in love with someone and this love is reciprocal, you have the impression of having won the Loto and the Euromillions at the same time. ! Well yes: true Love doesn’t run the streets all the same, but we have found it, youhou!
Fall in love, to fill up with self-confidence!

To have someone who sends us lots of cute texts, who compliments us on our butt, our chest, or our style, who confides in us that he loves the music that we make him discover, and who is jealous when another guy comes too close to us … What better way to tell himself that we are definitely a golden girl ?!