9 new ways to surprise your boyfriend

Reinventing yourself is absolutely necessary to maintain a relationship.

Although each couple is different and the dynamics of the relationship vary, the truth is that, when there is an affective bond between two people, it is as if an invisible contract was signed where the small letters indicate that you have to try to be happy and “make the other happy”.

And this is where it is necessary to find different ways to surprise that loved one and thus avoid falling into monotony.

If you really want your relationship to be maintained and your boy to be pleased and happy by your side every day, we recommend that you carefully read these 9 essential tips so that he is surprised.

So what are you waiting for? Apply them and find out for yourself if they suit your needs and those of your love.

1. Write a love letter

We were all taught that love letters were the method most used by couples in the past to make their feelings known, however, this practice has been lost. But you can recover the magic of love letters, dedicating one to your boy.

You do not require such elaborate phrases, or poems, just take a few seconds to write something simple but emotional to which you can add hearts.

You can also use technology and famous emoticons and send a suggestive message to make him fall in love even more.

Of course, handwritten letters are much more expressive and passionate, but if writing is not your strong suit, you can still get good results using your cell phone or e-mail.

2. Bake him a dessert

For something they say that love is sweet, so show him that you love him and also make his mouth water with a delicious dessert made by you.

He will enjoy every bite and will appreciate knowing that you took great care in cooking.

3. Break with the routine

You can do something that you normally would never do, risking to get out of the routine is not an easy task, but it is very satisfying.

He will appreciate it, because boys are intrepid and knowing that they have a woman who proposes adventures makes them feel more confident and happy.

4. Cook dinner for two

Dinners are a classic, but let’s be honest, men are gluttonous! Eating is not only necessary but delicious.

In the markets you can find quantities of products that are easy to make, nutritious and inexpensive. You only have to use a good cooking recipe and discover their gastronomic tastes.

5. Take him to dinner

If you don’t have the time or patience to prepare a romantic dinner for him, or you just can’t cook, you have the option of taking him to eat at his favorite place. So he can have more options to select his dish.

6. Surprise party

When events worth celebrating are happening in his life, do your best to throw a surprise party for him.

For example, on your birthday, your graduation, or on the occasion of your last promotion. So he will have good memories of sharing with his friends and of your gesture when decorating and organizing everything for him.

Support for your boy is based on that, on accompanying him and encouraging him to improve himself and be in good and bad together.

7. Buy tickets for a game

Man is almost always synonymous with sports. If you really want to see him with his mouth open, give him tickets so he can enjoy that game of his favorite sport.

Ideally, you should accompany him, but if you do not enjoy the stadiums or the hustle and bustle, you can give him tickets to attend with his friends.

Healthy distraction with other men is also very necessary and will make you look good in front of their friends.

8. Fire him at the door

This is pretty amazing stuff, but it works. Generally we think that men do not capture certain details, but the truth is that they also have fantasies that they have extracted from movies.

For example, receiving him and saying goodbye to him at the door of the house while you are perfectly groomed and made up, giving him a tender kiss and wishing him a great day.

This makes them feel important and lucky to have chosen the perfect woman for them.

9. Gift for no reason

Let’s see, who is uncomfortable with being given things? I think nobody! To surprise a man it is enough to give him a gift for no reason; no need to wait for your birthday.

What’s more, you don’t even need to make an effort to get the ideal gift, since you can give him something of his choice after a visit to the mall.

That is, if he saw something and liked it, you can just grab it and pay for it. These kinds of gifts without reasons are very satisfying and will also serve as an example for him to do the same at other times.