9 signs that show your man is really loyal

We all agree, loyalty is far from the strong point of the male gender. Nearly 43% of French people admit to having been unfaithful at some point in their life, and 23% are men. But there are always exceptions. Yes ladies, faithful men still exist. Here are the signs that prove yours is a gem… or not.

What a woman seeks above all in a man is her full attention. And who says attention necessarily means that she wants to have it alone. Here are the 9 signs that prove that your man is faithful.

He gives you access to his house

Home is a person’s most intimate place, and it’s pretty difficult to share it with someone else, unless it is your chosen friend. So if your other half gave you twice their keys, it is because they chose you and not another to share their life. It is also a sign that he is not hiding anything from you and that he is absolutely loyal to you.

He calls you anytime

If your Jules sends you messages or calls you unexpectedly when he is overwhelmed at work, it is because he is still thinking of you and that he does not resist the urge to do so. If he calls despite his unavailability, it is because he is loyal to you both physically and mentally.

He only has eyes for you

He looks at you differently. Her gaze is softer and full of love, and it shows. When your man looks at you with tenderness and affection, be sure that you are the one and only woman in his life.

His friends know everything about you

If your man proudly exposes you to the great day, if he introduces you to all his loved ones, friends and family, and they know everything about you, it is because he chose you to be his half. Because a man would not do that with any woman who passes in his life. If he did, it is because you are exceptional in his eyes.

He is ready to do everything for you

If your man answers all your requests and all your needs without complaining or grumbling, it is that you can easily ask him to take down the moon. He would do anything to satisfy you, because you are the one and only in his eyes.

He is interested in you

Men, by nature, like to devote their free time to leisure activities that they could share with friends. But if your man prefers to be interested in your tastes and your hobbies, spend more time getting to know you better and learn everything about you (even the most distant thoughts), and that in addition it seems to make him pleasure is that it is exceptional.

He has nothing to hide

It’s rare … especially in the era of smartphones and the Internet. But there are many men who really have nothing to hide, not even their phone passwords. If you own your spouse’s, consider yourself very lucky. Because having your man’s password is like having your credit card code. With it, you can sleep on your two ears, because it does not hide anything, does not let you doubt anything and makes you feel that you are the only one in his life. What happiness!

He doesn’t take you for granted

Your man is completely loyal if he involves you in all the important things in his life and especially, if he does not take you for granted. If he gives you esteem, time and you are his priority. This man will never allow himself to offend or hurt you because he knows that at any moment he risks losing you.