The top 5 things a single man looks for in a woman

To find an answer to what a woman wants from a romantic relationship, it only takes a little research for the information to surge. But what about men? What are their expectations and what would make them happy in a couple relationship? To help you satisfy your curiosity, we have put together for you the 5 most important things that a single person is looking for in a romantic relationship. Ladies, take note!

From experience, we all know that men can be particularly reluctant to commit. Bad experiences in the past, fear of losing their freedom, or others, some tend to back off when things start to get more serious. Fortunately, they are not all the same and there are others, who would not hesitate to take the plunge, provided that they find a partner who can meet them and live up to their expectations. So what is a single man looking for in a romantic relationship?

The 5 most important things a single man looks for in a romantic relationship:


Yes, again and again! Loyalty is one of the most important things that a single person would want to find with their partner. Leaving aside his fear of commitment and a great deal of freedom, the least thing for him is to do it for someone who would be loyal to him. Someone who would be faithful to him and defend his reputation and his honor, both in his presence and in his absence, and even in front of close people.

Space to thrive

The men, regardless of their personality type, always have a little fondness for novelty. They regularly seek to explore new horizons and learn new activities. This is also the reason why they sometimes fear engaging, for fear of having their freedom restricted. So, if you are in a relationship, give your partner the opportunity to flourish and develop, encourage him and show him that you are also ready to do so.

Good company

By becoming a couple, a man would like to have a person who accompanies and supports him in all stages of life. A person who will always be there for him, and will help him face the outside world. A person who will be happy by being by her side and sharing her adventures and projects.


As explained above, a man would like to have a partner who would always be by his side, but there, with a little more mischief. He wants someone who can have a sense of humor and a touch of madness, to break up the daily routine. A person who knows how to laugh at his jokes and would take part in his pranks and teasing. A person who could also be his confidante and the guardian of all her secrets.

Someone to complete it

We’ve all heard that different people are the ones who attract the most, but in reality, men need women to complement them. Yes! Women who know how to fill their small flaws and improve their weak points with their little magic touch. For example, a man who does not know what to say or do during a given occasion, will leave this care to his partner who will take care of managing their social life. Moreover, couples who have personalities that complement each other generally enjoy a balanced and very fulfilling couple relationship.