9 signs you found the perfect man

Sometimes we do not realize that we have come across a rare pearl and that we have with us a great man, a perfect man (or almost)! So here are 9 signs that you have found the perfect man. Small advice: Keep it warm this one!

1 / He makes you laugh

In a couple, the importance of laughter is enormous! To laugh is to be accomplices and to be accomplices is the essential element of a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

In fact, in the scientific journal Personal Relationships, an American researcher from the University of North Carolina, Laura Kurtz, explains that she has always been fascinated by the influence of laughter in the couple. She asked 77 straight couples, together for an average of four years, to report on their encounter. The researcher and her team analyzed these exchanges and the number of spontaneous laughs from each couple. She then explained: “  In general, the couples who laughed the most benefited from a quality relationship. Shared laughter is a good indicator of the type of relationship we share. “

So if your man makes you laugh every day, it starts very well!

2 / He supports you in the trials

Love is not only laughter and I love you on the pillow. It is also, and even above all, supporting each other in the trials. Whether it is a depression to manage in the couple, a mourning for one of the partners, a loss of a job … A man who really loves you will be by your side in his trials extremely difficult to overcome.

It will not let you down at the slightest obstacle, quite the contrary. He will prove to you that you can count on him, both by words and by deeds. You will find comfort around him and also concrete solutions to help you get better.

3 / He trusts you and proves that you can trust him

The perfect man trusts you. It is not a possessive jealous who constantly asks you who you were with, where you were, what time you come home … He leaves you free because he trusts you 100%. He has no doubts about him, you, or your relationship.

He lets you go out with your friends, whether for dinners or dance parties, he doesn’t search your phone… In short, he lets you live because what matters most to him is seeing you happy.

4 / He doesn’t tell you only words, he acts!

The lyrics, the lyrics, the lyrics… Always the same! And yes, it is all well and good to say pretty things, to promise mountains and wonder. But what is the point if they are ONLY words?

If your man is a “perfect” man, actions will take precedence over words! Too bad if he is not very expressive, the important thing is to see his love in his actions. Is he still there for you? Does it help and support you on a daily basis? Does it surprise you? It is sure, you have found the rare pearl!

5 / He is for equality

It may seem silly to point this out in the 21st century. Unfortunately, still, far too many men backwardly think that it is up to women to take care of housework, children, cooking …

Others say they are equal in words but in actions, leave everything to their wives. A good man will take the lead to participate in tasks, will not wait for you to remind him twelve times to do the dishes or hang up the laundry. He will respect you and your time.

6 / In bed, He completely fills you

We will not lie, the complicity in bed in a couple is an essential basis for the two partners to be fulfilled within their relationship.

The perfect man will fill you up in bed: you have the same desires, he knows you by heart and knows exactly how to get you to seventh heaven

7 / He has no trouble communicating

He knows just like you how much communication in a couple is the basis of everything! When things are not going well between you, he does not hesitate to speak calmly about what is wrong and how you could fix things.

He’s not one to run away from the house as soon as the tone goes up. On the contrary, he wants to fix things and does everything in his power to understand you and your couple.

8 / He pulls you up

Unlike a narcissistic pervert, the perfect man will NEVER try to belittle you. He will always speak of you in a positive way. It will make you an even better person.

He will do everything possible to pull you up by helping you both personally and professionally. He will want to see you succeed and will do everything to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

9 / With him, you NEVER get bored

One of the most important points. Boredom as a couple can become deadly. Boredom is at the origin of this question which teases more than one: Is it love or habit?

Whether you have been in a relationship with your man for 1 year or 15 years, with him, you never get bored. Even when you watch the most rotten movie in the world on your couch, you don’t feel bored at all. Because you are just happy with him.