9 Signs You’ve Found The Man Who Should Make Your Husband

There’s one thing we all chase.

A force that surpasses money, power, or reason, and that closely dictates the kind of person we become.

And it’s love.

Falling in love is like coming home.

Your worries are soothed and you feel safe in your partner’s arms.

When you’re deeply in love, it’s hard not to imagine the rest of your life with that other person.

But how do we know for sure that it’s real forever and not just a current fantasy?

We may be a little old-fashioned, but we like to believe that marriage – for better or worse – is sacred for life.

Here are nine signs you’ve found the man you want to spend the rest of your life with:

1. You Don’t Have To Be “On Point” In Front Of Him

Good days and bad days, he understands who you are and doesn’t expect you to be anyone but yourself.

In his eyes, you are special just for being you.

There’s no way to fake it.

During those lazy moments when all you want to do is laze around in stained sweatpants and not formulate sentences, he understands why he’s there with you.

You can be totally yourself – whatever your mood – and he always thinks you shine.

2. Your Happiness Is His Happiness And Vice Versa

You know he’s the one because he’s good to you in ways you never thought possible.

He wants what’s best for you, even if it comes at a cost to him.

The man you marry gives selflessly, for your interests are now his interests.

In fact, he thinks he is being selfish when he gives himself to you because it also gives him pleasure.

To that end, he can balance ambitions at work with ambitions at home.

Some internships or careers are harder than others, but he finds ways to let you know he hasn’t forgotten about you.

3. Even At The End Of A Really Bad Day, All You Want Is To Be With Him

No matter what kind of bad mood you’re in, you’d rather be with him than alone, as you’re better off with him than without him.

He patiently listens as you speak your mind and will not invalidate your concerns with his honest feedback.

His trust and passion positively influence yours, which makes your relationship even more exciting.

You want to be close to him, always.

4. The Attraction Is Palpable

Physically, emotionally and mentally, the two of you are compatible on all these levels.

The chemistry between the two of you is powerful enough to block out everything else.

Sometimes it seems that only he is what really matters.

Even doing the smallest things together, like running to the grocery store, feels more special because he’s close by.

The attraction permeates from the bedroom to the most platonic places, such as the doctor’s office.

You can’t keep your hands off each other and you’re certainly not holding on.

5. You Want To Share All Experiences With Him

When you imagine your future, it plays an important role in it (and vice versa).

The idea of ​​spending the rest of your life with him doesn’t scare you.

Being next to him is where you feel most comfortable.

When something funny happens or you get good news, you immediately want to share it with him first.

When a cheesy love song hits your headphones, you instinctively think of him.

From what he ate for lunch to what he’s watching on television, you’re interested in everything he does.

And while you sometimes hate to admit it, you’re more inclined to do something if he’s a part of it.

That’s what companionship means to you.

6. You Have The Same Idea Of ​​Romance

Sometimes you feel like you’re in a “Twilight” movie with all that inexplicable magic and love buzzing around.

Whatever your definition of romance – intimate dinners, long trips, cuddling in bed – he shares and will go the extra mile to make it happen.

He won’t shy away from pouring his heart out or opening up to you because he trusts you and wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

He will always be your man, but he’s also not afraid to show a softer side.

7. You Love More Than You Fight

It’s never good to fight because you care too much about him to hurt him.

Commitment always seems to be the best option because both of you can be happy.

But at the end of the day, you really can’t stay mad at each other for long.

8. He Doesn’t Just Hear You, But Also Can Read Between The Lines

He can read between the lines and anticipate your needs without you having to communicate them all the time.

He’s thoughtful and well-meaning as well.

He knows what you’re trying to say, without always having to explain yourself.

You help each other grow and become the people you want to be.

9. He Accepts You As You Are

You get messier and maybe less funny, but he loves you for it.

He makes you feel good about all the things you might not like about yourself.

And he brags about you to his friends because he’s so proud to call you his.

You would brag more, except everyone already knows how in love you are.

He knows everything about you – good and bad – and he appreciates both because it’s all part of who you are.

You are his, he is yours, and suddenly everything seems comfortably simple.