9 things to know before going out with a divorcee

You are about to fall madly in love and nothing could make you happier. But beware, if the person is recently divorced, it is better to assess the risks involved in this kind of situation. And they are far from trivial …

Going out with a divorced man is far from a long, calm river. If some find many benefits such as s e x u a l experience or sentimental maturity, the downsides inherited from his previous union are not nonetheless nonexistent. Better be on your guard and know what to expect.

1. His ex is an integral part of his life

The biggest problem of the new man in your life: his ex-wife . Whether he still loves her or viscerally hates her, you are unlikely to hear from her.

2. Her parents adore her ex

Don’t kid yourself, step-dad and step-mom surely invested a lot in this first union. After a wedding with great pomp and a flock of kids, they are not ready to welcome you with open arms. Take your pain in patience, this situation may well last a long time.

3. He will want to know everything about your past

Traumatized by his personal experience, he will certainly want to know everything about your exes. Name, age, profession, sir has become suspicious and will make you pass a real police interrogation before trusting you.

4. His children do not see you in a good light

It is THE black point that can stop a start of a relationship. When you get your supplies on the second market, you know the risks. If your darling already has children, make arrangements to become their best friend. Otherwise, they will make you live hell!

5. His friends are wary of you

But they will certainly not be the only ones who distrust you. In your man’s life, there is obviously his family, but also and above all his friends. Carefully chosen by the interested party in question, they have in his eyes an all-powerful legitimacy to knock you down … or not.

6. He has a lot of expectations

After a first failure in the matter, some divorced people become very demanding. Under the thumb of an ex tyrannical for years, he will undoubtedly aspire to more freedom than normal. Nothing more annoying than paying the bad things for another!

7. But move very slowly …

If the gentleman is very fussy with you, do not imagine that your efforts could encourage him to do the same on his side. Already fallen into the trap, the divorced takes his time when it comes to making the slightest project for two.

8. He can be less generous

Between alimony and all those euros he cheerfully spent for the first woman in his life, you may be worse off.

9. remarry: he still hesitates

Besides, he still hesitates to remarry. After being had with his ex, love forever, it is no longer frankly his hobby. Very inclined to live day by day, the divorced no longer aspires to pass the ring on his finger. If this is your dream, you will have to arm yourself with patience and understanding to tame this scalded man.