9 things you should never say to a guy

Because an injured male ego can’t forgive, here are the top 9 best things to say to a guy.

1 – And your hair is optional?

You should never attack a man for his early baldness. It is THE subject that annoys them, and their biggest complex with the size of their s**x.

2 – Ah, is it already over? In bed …

Well, it’s true that he didn’t last very long and that you didn’t have time to cum but there is another way to put it …

3 – You know, my ex …

Never compare a guy with your ex. This is the best way to hurt and upset him. He needs to believe that he’s the best, the one you’ve been waiting for …

4 – Oh no, we’re going to see your mother again!

Even if you don’t like his mother very much, don’t openly criticize her in front of him! You risk losing it because its mother, no one has the right to touch it.

5 – Uh, are you in there? I don’t feel you …

Okay, he was not very spoiled by nature at that level but believe him, he is aware of it and he does not want you to make him more complex!

6 – I’m taller than you, in fact.

Implied, you’re still attacking her on a big complex!

7 – Do you play sports? We wouldn’t say yet

Never tell a man that he is not muscular enough!

8 – Your cousin is hot!

Understood, he’s better than you. Nothing like it to hurt his pride!

9 – I don’t want to see your buddy Mathieu anymore, he’s bothering me

The friends, for a guy, it’s like his mother, we don’t have the right to attack them!