A woman shares her love with an older man, she wants everyone to know her experience

How can we be in a relationship with a man who might be our father’s age or addicted to a blond of our little brother’s age? Some will say that it is the chance of love, others make the deliberate choice to attend only more mature people or vice versa. Six women testify to their love stories like no other.

The age difference fades with time 

“Fifteen years separate me and my companion, and we live it very well. Once you’re in your twenties, love is more than just age. Everyone brings his stone to the building, because yes the couple is a building that solidifies with two: brings the experience, I the freshness and in the best and worst situations. The spectrum of the age difference fades with time, the essential thing is that we are complicit. Our agreement breaks down the barriers of time and perpetuates our union. Our gap years do not even notice. It must be said that my spouse has good genes, he is not his age and is very well preserved. – Claire, 27 years old

We had nothing in common … and yet

“I’m 21, he’s 33. I’m in my final year at college, I’m doing odd jobs to make ends meet. He is vice-president of a start-up. On the 10th of the month, I am in the open, everything falls into my mouth. It is rather BCBG style, I dress clean but cheap. He has a duplex, I live in roommate. We do not have the same interests, different lifestyles, yet I love it. He is the opposite of all those I have known, in a good sense of course. I like his protective and considerate side, he pushes me forward, in my projects, accepts me as I am and does not want to shape me to suit his social rank. He says he likes my spontaneity and my humor. – Lucile, 21 years old

I feel safe by his side

“I did not experience a situation of abandonment being younger and am not looking for the father. I love my companion for all the good that it brings me and this fullness that it makes reign in our couple. He is my support, unlike my ex, as irresponsible as each other. We share common values ​​and a similar vision of the future. It’s pure abandonment … I know there is no guarantee but only time will tell how far our relationship will go. – Amandine, 25 years old

The accusing look of people offends me

“I admit that at the very beginning, I did not see myself in the long term with my companion and clearly signaled it to him. I was vulnerable to what people would say and could not tolerate people staring at me with their contemptuous eyes when I showed up with this man with graying temples. Over time, I assimilated the thing and learned to turn my heels to derogatory comments. When I think that I almost missed a beautiful story of fear of the eyes of others, I do not say I have exceeded this psychological brake, but I’ve been there for almost two years. – Laurence, 31 years old

I do not know any more money problems 

“20 years and a 9-digit account separate us. I am not ashamed to say that I like to be cared for by my companion. Some say that I cash my body or that I pluck my lover like a chicken with golden eggs. This is false, since I have feelings for him. I have experienced galleys in my life, where is the harm in seeking some financial security and love to go to places that I could not afford? – Estelle, 22 years old

This is not the total fiasco 

“I send waltz advice to the psy sauce of my entourage. I claim loudly my fondness for older men and I believe hard that they get better with age. It’s good to meet a man who was not born from the last rain. I tell myself that if he starts a relationship, it is to live it fully, with all his guts. This is not the insured bide. I’m not a drama queen or a girlfriend who does not know what she wants, it’s an older man or nothing. – Marie, 28 years old