Being in love: the symptoms

To be in love, for some it is the purpose of life, for others just a rather pleasant compliment, but it is for all an important concern.

Often, one of the questions that come to us after some time spent as a couple is: “Am I in love?” ”

Indeed, one can generally feel the beginnings of the symptoms which betray the amorous state. Here is a list of 10 of these symptoms that can make you feel bad.<>

1. The knot in the belly.

It is a great classic of emotional turmoil! As soon as Jules passes into your field of vision or when you receive a message from him on your phone, you can feel your belly tying up.

This symptom is very often followed closely by its two acolytes: the heart beating wildly and the legs slipping away.

2. Focusing attention.

No matter how hard you try to focus on your work, there is nothing you can do: your mind always drifts towards Doudou.

It is one of the classic symptoms of the amorous state, it is impossible for you to think of anything other than the chosen one of your heart.

Day and night, morning, noon, and evening, the image of Jules obsesses you. The worst? It even makes you happy.

3. Visceral anxiety.

What is he doing there? Why doesn’t he answer the phone? If so, did he meet someone else? Or did something happen to him?

The biggest paranoids are not always what we think. Who has never seen a woman subjected to the anxiety of the beginnings of the romantic relationship has never really lived.

4. Easy laughter.

This attractive joke would surely have earned its author a glass of water thrown in the face if only you had not been mad about the culprit.

Indeed, whatever Jules says, he can count on your support, which you will bring to him by a burst of stupid laughter.

5. Loss of appetite.

Usually, your fridge looks more like a Goby desert in which leeks fight courageously (but in vain) against mold.

But, surprisingly, since you got to know Jules, the aforementioned leek has benefited from the help of all your races which also (but always in vain) fight against the horrors of the time.

Impossible to eat, you have other much more important concerns! Yep, that’s also being in love…

6. Optimism.

Napoleon, Madame Michu’s cat, the next-door neighbor, has eaten up on your mat again.

What does it matter, since you are in love! Let us, therefore, live this poor tomcat who also has the right to lead his life as he sees fit.

Your life seems wonderful in all aspects. You can’t help it, you see life in pink, so take advantage!

7. The relationship with the cell phone.

Your phone is always close at hand and, if you could, have it transplanted (but no doctor has yet agreed).

As soon as the machine vibrates or sounds, you rush on it like a shipwrecked man towards the boat which will bring it back to civilization.

And if unfortunately, it is not Jules, your interlocutor is likely to be rewarded with a flurry of well-felt insults.

But doesn’t he deserve it a little?

8. Idealization.

Jules is the most beautiful, the strongest, the funniest, the most intelligent, the sweetest, the most touching, the most charming, the most delicate, the most sociable, the most affectionate, the most attentive and the more cuddly.

Are we wrong?

9. Jealousy.

It is completely uncontrolled, but as soon as a woman (or a man, one is not attractive ) enters in a perimeter of less than a meter around Jules, you leave the claws.

Just imagining that Carine, the swashbuckler of the count, speaks to her during her coffee break is enough to make your bristles bristle.

10. Awkwardness.

The heel stuck in the sewer grate, the glass falling to the restaurant, the coat that hangs in the door: so many signs that betray your feelings.

Your eagerness will tend to turn a mundane situation into a dramatic catastrophe. No panic, nothing more normal, each woman has a potential for the imbalance that inevitably reveals the loved one.

You now know the top 10 symptoms to watch out for when you’re in love or not.

But before being a question of symptoms, being in love is above all a story of feelings.

When you’re in love, you don’t wonder what the symptoms are: you know!

And you, what are the signs that betray that you are in love?