Couple: 10 tips to find the feelings of the beginning, Love, like the first day!

Identifying a young couple is super-simple: the man and the woman smile all the time for no reason, they blush like peonies at the slightest compliment from the other, and their eyes sparkle 24 hours a day.

And to identify an old couple, it’s super easy too … because in fact, it’s exactly the opposite! We have the impression that not much is happening, and that the couple’s electrocardiogram is flat …

So, would the passing of time be the worst love-killing? Hopefully not! here are 10 tips to find the feelings of the beginning in a couple …

  1. Do not resign yourself

Yes: it is not because our couple is far from being a young couple that it is impossible to see the famous “butterflies in the belly” and the emotions of the beginning return. And even, on the contrary: after all these years spent together, we know our partner well, he knows us by heart, and we have built a relationship and a bond so strong that the feelings can even be even more intense than in the first days!

  1. Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself

It is not because we have been in a relationship for years that we are no longer entitled to rely on the other as at the beginning to help us, support us or back us up. Often, what keeps couples away is the fear of disturbing the other, of bothering them with our work problems, our argument with our sister, or our little worries about her. While communication, in a couple, is the basis!

  1. Do not abuse the “I love you”

When the “I love you” becomes an automatism that punctuates all our emails, our phone calls, or our texts, it loses much of flavor … What if we relearn to say it only when we really feel it?

  1. Stop letting go

When a relationship begins, we always want to show ourselves to the other in our best light: we go to the beautician every 2 weeks, we are always on our 31, in short we play the femme fatale. But the more time passes, the more fishnet stockings give way to shapeless jogging. Frankly, have we ever seen a man look at us with sparkling eyes when we wore a pilou jogging? No! So a little effort!

  1. Make little surprises

It’s no secret: in a relationship, routine is a formidable enemy. So for it not to get the better of ours, we must try to break it by all means. So what if tonight, instead of joining our girlfriends for “Girls Thursday”, we went to look for our partner at work to invite her to a romantic restaurant? He will appreciate, that’s for sure!

  1. Don’t overlook the little touches

Even when you’re not a romantic or a great romantic at heart, find a little note “I think of you” in your coat pocket, a bouquet of flowers in a vase when you come home from work or see that our other half prepared our favorite dish for us without asking for anything, it warms your heart! Scoop: these little touches aren’t just for young couples!

  1. Organize cool meetings, just for 2

We often hear or read that to get together as a couple, there is nothing like candlelit dinners in a 5-star restaurant or a trip to the end of the world to break the routine. Uh, ok, but when you don’t have an XXL budget, what do you do? Well, there are other times to get together just for 2: a sleepover on Sunday morning, a trip to the park on Saturday afternoon, a board game evening one night of the week. No need to spend a fortune to have fun and have a good time together!

  1. Have certain taboo subjects

It’s not easy to keep the flame alive in a couple when the main topics of conversation are: work, paying for the house, the car that makes a lot of smoke, and the children. So from time to time, we will refrain from these subjects, and have the obligation to tackle some nicer ones: the last movie everyone is talking about, the hairstyle we want to test, the book that ‘we read in the metro … History to put on the other a different look than the one we usually have on him!

  1. Make yourself beautiful

In a couple, so that the other never takes us for granted, you have to know how to create the lack and move away … to better find yourself afterwards (“I missed you too much”!). So what if from time to time we slept on the sofa, spent a weekend with our sister, or went on vacation with our girlfriends, without him?

  1. To do the first step

To revive the feelings of the beginning in a couple, both must want it, that’s for sure. But even when you feel the other in a fallback position, you have to dare to take the plunge, give the impetus, and initiate a new start. When our partner finds his first post-it “you are the most beautiful” in his pocket while going to work, the next bouquet of flowers should not be long …!