Couple Quiz: Do You Know Your Spouse?

Those in a relationship know perfectly well that one of the most important components of a real relationship is the quality of the friendship between the two partners. To really know your spouse, you should know as many details as possible, such as their tastes, dislikes, needs, wants, beliefs, fears, dreams, etc.

Do you know your man well? Take our quiz below to find out.

This quiz is to be done by two. The principle of this fun game to do as a couple is to collect a maximum of points. Your man asks you questions and gives you a point for each correct answer. At the end, the total number of points you get allows you to determine how well you know your partner. The questions are divided into 3 levels ranging from the easiest to the most difficult.

Level 1: basic questions

  1. What are the names of my parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters?
  2. Am I a person who loves dogs or cats?
  3. What is my favorite color?
  4. Who is my best friend?
  5. Do I have allergies?
  6. What is my favorite dish?
  7. Do I have superstitions or beliefs?
  8. What is my favorite movie?
  9. What do I normally do in my spare time?
  10. What is my zodiac sign?
  11. What is my favorite sport?
  12. What is my shoe size?
  13. What day did we meet for the first time?

Level 2: Fun things that concern you both 

  1. Who would I hate to see naked?
  2. What is the thing that I always wanted when I was a child, but that I never had?
  3. If I could resuscitate a famous person, who would I choose?
  4. If I could lock someone up in a lunatic asylum, who would I choose?
  5. If I could travel back in time, when would I go?
  6. What is the best sports stadium I have visited?
  7. What would I be willing to do for a million dollars?
  8. If I was at home on a Sunday afternoon while it was raining outside, what movie would I like to watch?
  9. Which historical figure would I like to chat with?
  10. What would I never share with anyone?
  11. If I could cover a magazine, which magazine would it be?
  12. What is the household chore I hate the most or have never done?
  13. Where in the world would I not want to be right now?
  14. In which country would I like to spend more time?
  15. If I could be a superhero, who would I like to be?
  16. What superpower would I like to have?
  17. What is the place I will no longer be going on vacation?
  18. What are my unfinished s**xual fantasies?
  19. Who is my favorite fictional character?
  20. Mac or Windows?

Level 3: For experts 

  1. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me?
  2. What are my favorite cereals?
  3. What is my favorite crisps flavor?
  4. What do I like to drink when I go out at night?
  5. What is the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up? (“Opening your eyes” is not a valid answer!)
  6. What is the last thing I do before I fall asleep at night? (Again, “turning a blind eye” is not an acceptable answer)
  7. What is the brand of my deodorant?
  8. What unconscious gesture reveals that I feel uncomfortable in a situation or a conversation?
  9. What do I like and NEVER admit in public?
  10. Do I prefer a live album or a studio recording?
  11. Do I normally finish things as soon as possible or do I leave them at the last minute?
  12. Tell me three things I like about you.
  13. Tell me three things I don’t like (or hate) about you.
  14. What is my favorite sleeping position?

Know your partner well? Here are the answers according to the results

It’s the moment of truth. It is time to count the points you have obtained and it is according to your grade that you will know how well you know your companion.

If you answered 15 questions or less correctly: You don’t know him very well

You are probably at the beginning of your relationship. If not, please make an effort and communicate a little more with each other. Above all, try to lend each other an attentive ear.

Sharing is very important in a relationship and allows you to find the right languages ​​of love . We can even say that it is essential. If you do not even know the basics, you will have a hard time making your couple last.

If you have between 10 and 24 correct answers: you know it a little

Not even half the questionnaire? You should try to get to know yourself better. You are on the right track, however, but the road is still long, very long, perhaps even in another galaxy.

Spend more time together and do activities for two, unless your man is a homebody. Invest time to do interesting things together. And above all, communicate with each other!

If you have between 25 and 35 correct answers: You know it well 

It is assumed that level one was a breeze and that most of the problems at level two were easily resolved. There is still mystery between you, which helps keep the flame of your love alive, but at the same time, you know a lot about each other.

If you answered 35 to 50 questions correctly: It’s like an open book for you

You know almost everything about him. And this can be due to two reasons: you have been together for a long time, or you spend a lot of your time talking. You know everything about your partner, even the smallest of secrets.

It’s a very good thing, but we can still say that there is not much mystery between the two of you.