Dating 101: 10 Strategies To Start A Romantic Relationship

Many people start a romantic relationship only to end in a few weeks or months. The reason is that most of us feel sad and lonely and fear the stigmatization of being named single in society, therefore we start a relationship in the hope that things will work out. The other reason to start a relationship is to find our better half. Most people have no idea that you have to sweat for a romantic relationship to work, especially young women. To have a genuine, quality, and mature romantic relationship, both parties must be mature, know who they are, and know what they want from her. There are some strategies that one can apply to start a romantic relationship to avoid breakups and heartbreak;

1. Start loving yourself

In a romantic relationship, there are good days and bad days. Sometimes couples fight and this is when you see the true colors of your partner. Things can heat up and your partner may react in a negative way that you didn’t expect. You must learn to love yourself first and not allow any negative feelings to take over you. Maintaining a healthy relationship is difficult and requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and a little self-love. When you love yourself first, others will learn to love you back.

2. Live for the moment

When starting a romantic relationship, most people have many notions and ideas. For example, what the relationship will be like, how the couple should behave and how they should be treated. If you plan these strategies from the beginning and things don’t work out the way you thought, the relationship breaks down. Let your partner be and learn to live for the moment. Enjoy what you have now and stop having expectations of your new boy or girl. Any form of challenge that comes your way, you can conquer it. Being in a relationship without expectations is the beginning of a long-term romantic relationship.


3. Don’t suppress your relationship

When you are in a new romantic relationship, couples keep communicating all day. This is possible through emails and instant messages to mention just a few examples. This can stifle a new relationship and things can start to fall apart. You should give your relationship some space, let your partner miss you, and therefore wait for the next call or message. Suppressing a new relationship can cause some people to lose the excitement of the relationship. Nowadays not only do girls tend to stifle a relationship, but even men can also stifle a relationship by constantly calling and texting.

4. Take it day by day

When starting a new romantic relationship, the first strategy is to retain all your personal data. Don’t download your personal data all at once. Plus, you have the rest of your lives together to do it. Enjoy each passing day as you learn your partner, explore yourself, and take your time. Unloading all of your personal luggage onto someone will keep him away. The thrill of a relationship is that you keep learning something new from your guy or girl every day. This will give you something to look forward to until the next meeting.


5. Learn to forgive

Every relationship is bound to have disagreements on one point. Learning to forgive in a new relationship will give the relationship a chance to grow. We are all human beings, therefore no one is perfect. Show your partner that you can forgive. You will be forgiven too. Forgiving someone and giving them a second chance creates a long-term relationship. Learning to forgive is a great strategy to maintain your relationship. Forgive and forget as many times as you can.

6. Focus on your life

When starting a relationship, some people make the mistake of forgetting their own lives. They abandon what they were doing and start giving their all to their new partners. This is wrong since your partner was attracted to the person you were. If you were full of life, you had friends, you went to the gym to name a few, you should still be the same person. The people who tend to lose focus in their lives when it comes to new relationships are girls. Most girls can become obsessed with and cling to their new partner. Your partner may lose interest in you once you start to become clingy and overly available. It remains a mystery and your relationship will be successful.

7. Be good

By starting a relationship with someone, you become good to each other. You don’t fight; without arguments and they understand each other well. As the relationship progresses, small fights begin, arguments escalate, etc. This can lead to a classmate being rude. Stay calm and be nice despite the change in behavior. Show your guy that nothing changes despite the little fights. In most relationships today, when one partner gets angry, the other becomes angrier. This leads to breakups and heartaches.


8. Don’t relive your past relationships

A past relationship must remain in the past. When starting a new romantic relationship with someone, avoid comparing your partner to one of your exes. People are different and every relationship is different. Therefore, comparing two people and expecting your partner to act like your ex is to have the wrong expectations in a relationship. Love your current partner as he is and forget your ex. Second, if you had a certain mischievous behavior in your past relationship with someone such as being obnoxious or rude, it is about time you kick the habit. Nobody likes dating a rude and obnoxious person. Learn from the mistakes of your past relationships and improve your current relationship. Aspire to be the best person in a relationship.

9. Begin to appreciate

When starting a relationship with someone, learn to appreciate the pleasant gestures of your partner. For example, when your spouse buys you lunch say thank you and mean it, when your partner buys you nice gifts, show your appreciation. When your partner compliments you, don’t forget to thank them. These are some examples of how to appreciate the person you are in love with. Appreciating your spouse is a great way to start your new relationship. Learn to say thank you out loud; You never know that it could make someone’s day better.


10. keep calm

Most of the time when people start a new relationship, they are overwhelmed with all the romantic emotions. People tend to spread the good news about their new catch to their friends, parents, and even on social media like Facebook. You should control your enthusiasm and wait for the relationship to progress a bit. If you start spreading the good news and how you found someone, you have a connection with, things might not work out as expected. You’ll feel embarrassed and stupid for telling everyone who cared to listen. Control your emotion otherwise; It could put off your new partner. When you have found a new partner, it is best not to show signs of despair. A desperate partner can scare away the newfound love.


But also…


1. Be readily available

When starting a relationship, people tend to be available all the time. When your partner texts, calls, or even e-mails you, you reply instantly. Every time you are invited on a date, you are available. This indicates that you are desperate and have no life of your own. Focus on your life and your relationship will be successful. Don’t be too available; let your partner wonder what you are doing.

2. Keep your principles

If you are a person with principles and you start a new relationship, you must stick to your principles despite what your partner demands. A person of integrity is a mature person who knows himself well. Don’t compromise your integrity for the sake of your new relationship; your partner may lose respect for you.

3. Don’t be a complacent person

An affirmative person is someone who is not true to himself. You can’t trust such a person in a relationship. If you agree with everything that is said to you all the time and you don’t want to do it, you are being dishonest with yourself. Don’t be a yes person for the simple fact of avoiding being single. If you keep pleasing someone, you will end up hurting yourself.

4. Showering your partner with too much attention

If you are in a new relationship, avoid showering your partner too carefully. Constant texts, emails, and calls can suffocate your partner. If you continue to inquire about your whereabouts, your partner will become suspicious of your intentions. Be your own person and focus more on your life. Don’t make your world revolve around your partner; This will scare your partner away.

5. Don’t be a stalker

When you start a new romantic relationship, don’t start harassing your new partner. Stalking will make your partner lose interest in you. If you found your ex in your past relationship cheating on you, do not think that the same case will happen to you in your new love. Learn to trust your partner and don’t be clingy. When you have found a person with whom you want to share your life, it is important that you evaluate yourself first, know who they are and what they want in a relationship. A relationship is like applying for a new job with your credentials, so you need to be prepared. Don’t rush into any relationship to escape the stigma of being single. Take your time to avoid headaches. Starting a romantic relationship is not as complicated as most may think. Just be true to yourself and take one step at a time and everything will be fine.