Does HE LOVE ME? How to find out? Read this

If you ask yourself this question, “does he love me?” It’s because deep down you’re getting less than you deserve… But if he does all the things I’m going to mention, then you can breathe a sigh of relief because at least he has respect and consideration for you!!!

There are women who are living in a dilemma, they don’t know if they’re going to break up, they live in the uncertainty of the guy’s love and are always sad and dissatisfied…

One thing I’ll tell you… you have to be demanding YES, and A LOT!

It seems that the roles are reversed, because today men are choosing, demanding, and women feel that if they are not perfect, they will give up and look for someone else when the reality is totally different.

He will love, he will admire, and he will be considerate, only if you are true, and have these feelings for yourself before you want someone else to.

And how do you love yourself? Not accepting crumbs and or less than you deserve!

What you deserve, at least, is this:

  • He wants to GO ON DATEs with you!

  • He SHOWS you daily how special you are or at least takes care of you by asking how are doing, if you can’t see each other, he calls you to chat or just to say he loves you!

  • He talks about you to everyone, family, friends, social networks… speaking of social networks…

  • He puts STATUS > in a RELATIONSHIP!

  • Tag you in every photo, or post photos with you!

  • He leaves no misunderstanding or doubt in the air…

  • If you’re feeling bad about something, he stops and listens to you!

  • He respects you!

  • Not only is he dating you, but he’s already shown that he wants to MARRY you!

  • You don’t have a yo-yo relationship because he doesn’t even entertain the idea of ​​being away from you!

  • He has no “girlfriends”

  • He may even rarely go out with his friends, but he always prefers to go out with you!

  • If you are sick, he takes care of you and stays by your side.

  • He makes no excuses!

  • He makes it clear that he LOVES YOU, but not because he says it, because he shows it!

  • He doesn’t break up with you, and if you fight, you soon make up.

  • He is very affectionate, and tells you how hot and beautiful you are!

Whew… Well, I could stay here quoting millions of attitudes that show that a man loves you, but I think these are the basics… Obviously, for those who are demanding, want a serious and enjoyable relationship to live…

If you’ve been getting less than that, then let’s review a little bit. Sometimes they are easy points to modify…

The fact is that you have to demand the best for you to always feel good, period. The rest is just details!