Few men know, but the woman who hates everyone is the ideal woman

For some, any small space in which they are confined with other people is a real hell. They generally hate the presence of strangers, and even more the small conversations in subways, buses or waiting rooms. However, if you can identify these behaviors in your wife, she is probably the ideal partner.

We always like to be right and feel safe. We, therefore, adopt hatred as a means of protecting our self-esteem or defending our interests and beliefs.

Many people will say it dozens of times a day: “I hate Monday,” “I hate my neighbors,” “I hate math,” “I hate this girl,” “He cheated on me, I hate him. », Etc.

As surprising as it may seem, the woman who hates everyone is the best partner, here’s why:

You will have interesting conversations:    Connecting through conversation is an integral part of any relationship, and often determines the quality of that engagement. Conversations with a selective woman, who chooses with immense care her social circle, will undoubtedly expand your spirit.

She has very good friends: She does not like being in the company of other people but has good friends though. These relationships can greatly influence your overall well-being by encouraging healthy behaviors and teaching you how to handle your stress.

It is at home: No table reservations for restaurants, not late arrivals until dawn. She prefers by far a small intimate and romantic evening, snuggled in your arms.

She is mature: She focuses on the best traits of her partner and the good things he does. In addition, she knows how to handle emotions and anger when she is upset.

It will never deceive you: Nowadays, most relationships fail not because of the lack of love, but because of the inability to remain faithful. But this woman is particularly honest, and always sets limits in her relationships with the opposite gender.

She loves animals: One of the most important things that our pets can teach us is loyalty. These women are usually holders of a big heart.

She has goals she dreams of achieving:  She does not like meeting people who will describe her ambitions as obsessive or extreme. She often distances herself and focuses on her dreams to which she is closely connected.

It gives you space:  It does not choke you, and understands that you need space to breathe. In addition, she does not feel offended at all if you prefer to keep things for yourself or spend time with your friends.

She knows how to invent excuses: You can always count on her to invent excuses. If you are invited to a boring event, she will know exactly what to say, you will not have to worry about it.

She is honest: She does not try to fight, but she is not afraid to express herself. In addition, she is not obsessed with anything that people can think of her, and will not change to please anyone.