Only a man in love with you will do these 8 things for you

You’ve known him for a few months now, you’re in love with him, but you sometimes ask yourself questions about the nature of his feelings. So you begin to interpret all his actions, his words and sometimes even his looks! But in the end, you feel lost, and you wonder: Does he really love me? Is he really the man of my life? We give you the answer to your questions!

Women are complicated, they say, what about men? These beings who turn our heads and we have so much trouble understanding! Sometimes they are so incomprehensible that one wonders if they too feel about us? Rest assured! Just like women, men can also love to madness! Even if they are good at hiding their feelings, there are signs they can not hide, here they are!

1 – He will listen for hours

You seem to love him, you can tell him the most insignificant events of your life, he will listen to you attentively while you look straight in the eyes, you can even tell him your last day Shopping between girls, he will not get tired not to listen to you. Eh yes! When we love, we listen!

2 – You argue often

He does not miss any details, a single misunderstanding and Boom! A fight breaks out! Certainly, it’s not always fun to spend your weekends to confuse you. But, if he did not love you, do you think he would waste his time asking you for explanations for everything and nothing? Be careful though! If disputes are very frequent, it is better to take the time to discuss them seriously.

3 – He does everything to make you happy

He canceled his last night with friends to spend the night in your arms? He does not stop pampering you? Can he wait for hours in front of the changing rooms when you shop? He does everything to see a smile appear on your lips. Look no further, you have found your soul mate!

4 – He is ready to fight to keep you near him

He is always there for you, for better and for worse! To keep you close to him, he is ready to do anything. He is capable of making the wildest sacrifices! All this so as not to lose you because you are very important to him, and his life would not be the same without you.

5 – Your success is your pride

Yes, ladies! A man who loves you always wants you to be the best! He wants to see you excel in everything you do, and is ready to help you at all costs so that you can achieve your goals. He is not afraid to see you strong and fulfilled! On the contrary, your success makes him happy!

6 – He finds you beautiful

He does not stop complimenting you! Even when you wake up in the morning, with your hair disheveled and your eyes swollen. Even when you are in your worst state, he is always there to tell you that you are beautiful. He loves you as you are. It values ​​your personality and not just your physique.

7 – He respects your family and your friends

It’s normal! He respects them because he knows that these people count for you, he is ready to listen to you talk about your family problems, or your last argument with your best friend. He does not allow himself to make bad comments about your dating.

8 – He is not afraid to show you his weaknesses

Eh yes! When your Romeo is in love with you, he is not afraid to tell you, and to show you how much you count for him. He could even go so far as to tell you his deepest secrets. He loves you and is not afraid to reveal himself!