First meeting: 6 misconceptions to forget

Before a first date, you risk hearing all the advice in the world. But beware, not everyone is good to take! Some received ideas are totally false and you have to quickly forget them to fully enjoy your evening.

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to romantic relationships. It is normal, all the couples are different and do not function in the same way. However, many misconceptions still exist about physical intercourse, breakup, and first dates.

It’s time to say stop! Before a first date, it is useless to put false ideas in mind. Rather, focus on what’s important: be natural and hope to have a good time with your new crush. It’s the main thing, isn’t it?

“If you’re having fun, your date will be fun too,” advises Auntie Jodie, a marriage counselor, at the Bustle site. “Even if, in the end, there is no chemistry between you, you can still have a good time. Whether your story works or not, you should take advantage of this moment, right?” She adds.

Here are the false rules of the first dating, to forget immediately!

Don’t kiss her the first night

With its small variant “you must not sleep the first evening”, this is one of the things that we will keep harping on. But honestly, you still have the right to do what you want right?

If you feel like kissing, cuddling or sleeping with your date, as long as you feel confident, go for it! Do not let others or the company choose the outcome of your appointment for you.

Avoid talking about the future

“Above all, don’t talk about marriage or babies, you risk running away from it.” Honestly, how many times have you heard this (false) advice?

However, to start a love story on a sound and informed basis, you need to know what your partner thinks about some important topics. Obviously, the first date is not the ideal place to talk about marriage, but if your date is going to live in Australia in six months, you would like to know right?

“Talking about the future is a good way to get to know someone and find out what is important to them,” said Jenn DeWall, a professional coach. In addition, it also helps you find commonalities … or areas of contention.

Do not drink alcohol

We are not talking about going down the bottles of wine one after the other, but about enjoying a few glasses or two cocktails. You have to be reasonable, but don’t deprive yourself of a little alcohol, if you like that.

In addition, it could help you relax more easily and probably break the ice. You just need to know when to stop, to avoid getting a little too drunk in the middle of the evening.

Don’t write to him right away

“If you are interested and want to see it again, show it,” says the specialist. Anyway, if it is not reciprocal you will quickly realize it. Do not let others judge you, if you want to show your emotions, you have the right.

Do not be afraid to appear destitute if you tell him that you have had a good time. Love is also about taking risks and sending a message after a first date is one of them.

Try to impress

Surely you are going to have to talk a little about yourself. But while remaining natural! Do not try to impersonate someone else, it is useless. The person in front of you must appreciate you as you are, otherwise, it is useless.

“Plus, there is nothing more annoying than listening to someone brag for hours on end,” says Jenn DeWall.

Be yourself, this is the most important!

The first date must be perfect

Inevitably, for your first moment for two, you want everything to go smoothly. However, just because your date went worse does not mean that you cannot expect a second date.

“Sometimes stress and excitement can block people who will feel nervous and act weird,” says Jenn DeWall.

There are no rules to follow in terms of dating. The most important thing is to have a good time and do what you want to do, without forcing yourself.