Giving up on someone is difficult, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do

It is said that “all good things come to an end”… It may be a little cliché, but it is one of those which are often verified in real life. And it’s painful, I’m well aware of it. Especially when it is our couple relationship that comes to an end.

You are madly in love with him. Your heart is fully devoted to it, like every part of you. If you smiled and were happy, it was only because of him. It was making your heartbeat.

You have had wonderful moments, but you have also had your share of difficulties and obstacles to overcome. You fought like a lioness to preserve your love, but things ended up derailed.

You have often heard this little voice in your head, urging you to give up on it. But it was awful, insurmountable and unbearable. You were unable to listen to him and therefore silenced him.

You never thought you had to say goodbye. You thought you were made for each other. You thought he was your soul mate.

But in truth, the things between you have changed and you had a lot of trouble accepting it. You couldn’t accept that the love that united you once was drying up.

But please don’t waste your time analyzing the situation and trying to understand why things took the turn they took.

Maybe you were no longer compatible. Maybe the routine had you, your bonds were gradually dissolved. Perhaps there have been too many arguments and fights. Maybe you have taken two opposite directions.

Or maybe you just realized that you were not made for each other and that your destiny was to take you elsewhere. 

Unfortunately, life is like this. It is not perfect. Love is not perfect either.

But a relationship is supposed to make you happy and allow you to flourish. If, on the contrary, your relationship is a source of anxiety and sorrow, it is because the time has come to give up, to give up …

You must find the courage to give up if your spouse no longer pulls you up and no longer allows you to flower. If he is no longer paying attention to you. If these feelings have been extinguished for a long time.

I know that giving up someone who was once everything for us is extremely painful. It is giving up someone you love unconditionally. But it is also sometimes the best thing to do.

Be careful, I’m not saying that you have to give up without fighting, far from it. No, we only give up when we have exhausted all our weapons and all the means at our disposal. You don’t give up until you’ve done everything you can to make it work.

But fighting for someone who doesn’t care about losing you makes no sense. Fighting for someone who has given up on us for a long time, someone who has already given up and without fighting makes no sense.

There is no point in being in a relationship with someone who is exhausting us emotionally and physically. A relationship that weakens, disrupts and empties us makes no sense.

You cannot change someone to become the one you want. You can’t force someone to change if they don’t want to. We can’t force someone to love us either. Love is not a prison, nor a choice for that matter.

And you have to accept this truth, for your own good. It is clearly not the right one and you can no longer continue to cling to chimeras. You also can’t spend your life waiting for a miracle and hoping it will save your relationship.

We must all learn to recognize this moment when we have to give up. You should also understand that giving up on someone is not a failure. Yes, it is mourning to do and it is painful, but it is not a failure.

Truth be told, this is the greatest lesson that life has to teach you. 

It teaches you that love does not look like and does not always take the form you expect. It teaches us that love does not always last. May our soul mate not magically appear on our doorstep. That finding means taking up many challenges, experiencing ups and downs, etc.

But it also teaches us that love can fall on us without warning. When you least expect it.

And that is why, following each one’s path is sometimes the best decision that one can make, the only one to be honest. Take the path that will lead us to happiness, to peace.

This path is also that of personal and loving fulfillment. A space for discovery and rediscovery. A way to connect to your inner heart.

In short, it is a path on which is the man of a lifetime, the one who will make efforts for you. The one who will know how to love you, respect you and appreciate you at your true value.

Because that’s all you deserve. A man who knows that you are worth every effort.