Have you ever had to deal with an “underwater man”?

If you have already been a victim of “ghosting”, you may also know the “submarine” effect. Another type of goujat which we would do well.

During your sentimental life, you may have had the misfortune to rub yourself in the ” ghosting “, this phenomenon which consists of weighing down a person by cutting off all contact overnight (calls, texts, social networks). As cruel as this method may seem, it sometimes happens that the person who uses it resurfaces in your life as suddenly as it left. This kind of attitude also has a name: “submarineing” or, in French, “le sous-marin” (not to be confused with ” haunting “.) This technique, therefore, consists of returning the air of nothing in the daily life of a person, for example by replying to an SMS that has been left pending for months.

According to the British daily newspaper Metro, the followers of “submarineing” act in a similar way to those of “zombieing” (derived from the word “zombie”), with the difference that the latter will recognize that they have put distance between you. In the case of “zombieing”, the person who “ghosted” you, for example, pretends to be a family drama or an overloaded timetable to justify having played dead for so long.

The “submarine” man is not ashamed

But the “submarine” man (or woman) does not even try to explain himself and generally acts as if nothing had happened. Also, do not be surprised if you receive a message from him cheerfully offering to see you during the weekend to be “a canvas” or “food”. “These people do not apologize, which makes them much worse than those who practice” zombieing “, says Metro. Worse … or more honest. Question of point of view.

How to react when you are faced with this type of goujat? If you know the person well enough, you may (or may not) find extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, you have several options: either you clearly point out his lack of good manners and advice according to his reaction, or you strike a blow by carefully avoiding answering him or (even better), saying that you’re just not interested anymore.