He doesn’t like you anymore? 15 Ways to Make a Guy Like You Again

If you’re separated after a terrible fight, it’s hard to try to get a man to like you again.

These 15 tactics will help you win his feelings back.

When you mess up a relationship or friendship, trying to get a guy to like you again and forgive you can be harder than you think.

If you’ve tried apologizing, tried calling, texting, or even showing up at his house unannounced and it hasn’t worked for you, it’s time to try something else.

The truth is, when you have a man liking you, with an avalanche of emotions for you, his emotions can suddenly disappear because of something you’re fighting over.

It doesn’t matter if he’s changed his mind for some good reason or is just being stubborn, getting him to like you again is a complicated process.

Why We Give Up

This kind of behavior is not something that only men do.

In fact, as human beings, we tend to disconnect from people who don’t agree with our thoughts.

When we get angry about something, especially because of a hurt feeling, it causes us to make rash decisions and then we become too stubborn to put those issues aside.

Many people give up because they are afraid of constant problems and arguments.

We thought it would be easier to give up now than to continue to reasonably argue about something.

These types of people can be the hardest to like you again.

How To Get A Guy To Like You Again After His Feelings For You Are Gone.

As difficult as the goal of getting someone to like you back may seem, this goal is possible.

You may need to invest a lot of time to get him to like you again, but if you think it’s worth it, then it won’t be as difficult as it sounds.

Everyone wants to forgive and forget.

Sometimes a man’s mind can’t forget all the things you did to make him not like you anymore.

If you want to get a guy to like you again—especially if you’ve drifted apart—here are the necessary steps you should take.

1. Give Him More Space.

Men are not like women.

They don’t like to talk when they’re angry, at least the vast majority.

They prefer to go through isolated problems.

So give him the time he needs to sort out and reorganize his emotions and don’t talk to him until he’s ready to talk.

2. Try to Better Understand The Problem.

In the meantime, try to better understand the problem.

Obviously, the breakup was an issue between the two of you, therefore you have to resolve this issue.

Trying to understand what the problem exactly helped you figure out the best way to address it again.

3. Admit Your Own Mistakes and Flaws to Yourself.

If you hope he’ll like you again, be willing to admit when you screwed up, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you.

If you hurt him, it’s your fault.

Admit it to yourself and it will be easier for you to win him over again.

4. Put yourself in His shoes.

Think of the situation from his point of view.

Maybe it’s not a big deal for you, but for him it is.

Putting yourself in his position can help you better understand why he doesn’t like you anymore.

It also helps you get back the feelings he had for you.

5. Ask Him to Talk Face to Face.

After you’ve given him the time and space, you’re confident he’s willing to talk to you, call him, and invite him on a date somewhere.

If he says no, give him more time and space.

Eventually, he will agree.

6. Explain That You Didn’t Want To Be Separated From Him.

When you finally manage to discuss the issues, first explain that the fight never ended and things took a turn you didn’t imagine.

If he knows how much you regret what happened, he will be more open-hearted.

7. Apologize Sincerely, But Only Once.

There is no need to apologize one after the other.

When you explain your situation and then say you’re really sorry for hurting him or for losing control of things, that’s enough.

It’s up to him to forgive you.

8. Earn His Forgiveness.

This might not seem like an easy thing to do.

Anyway, you have to wait for his forgiveness.

Sometimes, however, he may even feel that he has a share in the blame, so his forgiveness may be easier to earn.

9. After Everything Is Settled, Talk To Him As If Nothing Happened.

Once you’ve both put your problems in the past and agreed to come back, never bring it up again.


If you do, you will lose his trust.

He’ll think you’re using the breakup or the one against him.

Just talk to him like nothing happened.

Go back to the good old talk and the old way of treating him.

If you remember that problem that the two of you agreed to and resolved, resist the temptation to throw it in his face.

10. Flirt With Him!

Flirting is a great way to get a guy to like you again.

It’s very difficult for a man not to get on board with some flirting and flattery.

Do that and he’ll arouse the same feelings he had for you.

Start slowly and see his reaction.

11. Be Yourself.

Don’t overdo it in trying to win his feelings back.

If you put too much effort into your personality and try to be something you’re not with him, he’s not going to like it very much because it’s not you.

Be the same as you were when he first fell in love with you.

12. Take it Easy on Communication.

Don’t text him as soon as you get back from a date with him.

This will probably scare him away because he won’t be prepared for it.

After all, the breakup made him dislike you more.

Go easy on the communication as if it’s the first time you’re talking to him.

13. Ask him to go with you somewhere you know he loves.

Once you have solid and frequent communication with him, ask him to hang out with you somewhere he can’t resist.

This could be a restaurant, club, bike ride, or even the same trip you’ve already taken.

If you know he’s going to want to go, call him!

14. Do The Old Stuff You Know He Likes.

If he loved a particular scent you wore, then just wear that scent.

If he loved the way you tied your hair, do it again.

Doing all the old things you used to do that he loved to do is a great way to get him to relive the feelings he had for you.

15. Show Him You Still Like Him.

If you really want to see a guy like you again, show him that your feelings for him still exist.

He may be hesitant because he’s not sure of his feelings.

Show him that you still like him…it will help rekindle the feelings he had for you.


It’s very painful to go through a fight and then realize that the guy you love doesn’t like you anymore.

Fortunately, there are ways to get him to like you again, just follow these 15 tips!