He makes me happy: 11 signs of a healthy relationship

Are you in a happy relationship?

As children, we were all exposed to the magic of fairy tales. Fairy tales and Disney cartoons are the reasons why girls believe in hopeless love and boys in rescuing girls. But what is it that encourages a sincere and coveted relationship? You may need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find true love, but when it finally happens, you will have a healthy and happy relationship. Sometimes we all wonder if we are in a relationship with the right person, so we try to compare our relationship with other people around us. This is a bad move because not everything is good as it seems at first glance. But there are certain things and signs that indicate that the relationship is happy and healthy. Don’t look for reasons to doubt your relationship. Instead,

1. You can give your opinion freely

A healthy relationship refers to the form of interpersonal communication with your boyfriend, and you will know that you are in a happy relationship when you can freely express your opinion. You will not be afraid that your partner will get angry when you say your attitude. In fact, you’re sure he feels the same way too. Communication in relationships is two-way and happy, healthy relationships mean that both of you will feel free to sincerely express your own opinion.

2. You have space for yourself

Even if you are in love, you still have time to be yourself and do whatever you want without your partner hanging over your head 24/7. Healthy relationships mean allowing your partner enough space for himself. If you have a chance to go out without him, and he’s not ringing every five minutes to check where he is, chances are you really have a healthy relationship.

3. You like the connection as it is

The feeling of dissatisfaction and the hope that something will eventually change for the better is a real sign that your relationship is unhappy. When you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you like everything exactly the way it is. You feel that you are accepted as you are and your partner does not expect you to change, and you do not expect of him.


4. Make decisions together

In happy relationships, you and your boyfriend decide together. That means you won’t be surprised when your partner makes a big decision regarding both of you – where to live, what to do with the house, or something like that. Because he knows that big and small decisions are made by mutual agreement and informed each other of their views and opinions. We live in a culture that emphasizes personal satisfaction and the importance of personal satisfaction, but if you put your needs first, it is a formula for disaster in connection. When you give an emotional gift to your partner, for example, you are ready to visit their parents regularly, who are not very nice to you (but your partner is), you should know that reciprocity is usually the answer. People who love each other care about others.

5. Your relationship is balanced

Unbalanced relationships can cause great stress on one partner or another. The relationship in which only one partner carries out all his obligations at home and the other earns all his money can be unsettling on the one hand, for a number of reasons. Relationships become happier and healthier when a balance is established.


6. You trust each other

Relationships do not last if there is mistrust between partners. Your relationship is amazing only if you can trust your partner and tell him everything, just like he does with you. Trust is a type of respect, and when you both respect and trust each other, your relationship will be a happy one. It is very important that you have a partner who really does what he has promised, who will not give you any plans at the last minute, and who believes that he can help you in your obligations. You really don’t want a partner who can leave you high and dry, no matter how attracted. Trust is underestimated in relationships. It is the component that fosters the association. And as soon as it disappears, it is really difficult to restore it. Perhaps vulnerability is the “glue” that holds the genuine bond. It takes courage and strength to be open. When exposed to each other, it is free from expectations, assumptions, and disappointments. Don’t play games. There are no ulterior motives. You can show your strengths and weaknesses, and your partner will love you again. When this happens, it is a sure sign that you are in a healthy relationship!

7. You feel the closeness of your intimacy

Healthy connections have a level of intimacy that does not exist in unhealthy relationships. We are created to develop close relationships through touch. Contact is associated with a sense of security, trust, and support, and people who have greater physical affection for a partner feel more positive about their relationship.


8. Spiritually and emotionally mature

Mature from many aspects, they complement each other and you have no pressure. An honest relationship fosters maturity. In it, partners support choices for career, family, spirituality, health, intimacy, and other key elements of life. They are developing as individuals, but together they are the perfect team. They also both progress individually. We all change over time and it is perfectly normal. Happy couples know that change is good and that identity development is a lifelong process. That is why they support the hobby of a new partner, a new career, friendship, interests … Of course, it is normal to feel fear if you think it could put you or your relationship in danger, but you should talk about it and find a common solution. . .

9. You forgive each other easily

There are no perfect connections because we are imperfect creatures. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a bad day. You will have disputes and you will not agree on many things, but if you do not hold the anger, it is a sign that you are in a healthy relationship. You get over the problem and switch to the next one. You learn that anger is destructive, so you distract it and let it go. Forgiveness strengthens the relationship. They are learning the art of supporting each other while maintaining a good and healthy relationship. If you manage to smile with your special someone, after solving every problem in the relationship, you are definitely in a good way to build a great connection. Forgiving and letting go when problems arise are true signs that the relationship is happy and healthy.


10. Learn to cooperate, commit

Cooperation, commitment, and mutual communication are the main reason why a relationship is successful. Many people expose themselves to social media without having confidence in their partner’s feelings. But in a healthy and loving relationship, couples understand each other and do not have the need to expose themselves in front of another person. They affirm each other to meet your needs. Compromise is healthy, but it can lead to unhealthy limits where one partner constantly sacrifices and the other gets what they want. Cooperation is an alliance in which they learn to sincerely support each other. But without communication, none of the above can exist. Sincere relationships don’t take the other partner for granted. They don’t trample each other. They know that there must be reciprocity for the relationship to be successful. There are times when one will need help. Communication allows free expression without a sense of exploitation or abuse. If you are in a relationship where you cooperate, engage, and interact, you are definitely on the right track. You are in a healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship.

11. You are happy in the relationship

If you are satisfied and satisfied with the relationship, your boyfriend makes you smile and happy, then you are on the right track. Happy relationships affect you in every way, increase your confidence, you are more solid, cheerful. Most importantly, they reduce stress, which in most cases is the cause of health problems. They surely have a positive effect on you. You always smile when you are near your boyfriend; He tries to make you happy and content and does things that show you how special you are to him. All of these things show that you are in a happy and healthy relationship. Therefore, women should be grateful to their special someone, because, in addition to being there for you and caring for you and making you smile for no reason while making you happy, it also improves your health. Of course, we’re sure you don’t owe it. In a healthy relationship, everyone tries to make the other partner happy and fulfill.

Final word

First of all, when we start a relationship, we are interested to know if someone has chemistry with us, do we feel butterflies in our stomach when we see him, whether he is intelligent, nice, etc. But the success of the relationship is based on things much more important than the appearance of our partner. Here are some things you should definitely look for in your partner. Having a loving and happy relationship means that you are with a partner who will love you as you are, who would proudly show it to the world, even when you are in your pajamas, who would sacrifice your sleep to look at you while you sleep, who will carefully kiss your forehead. to have a good night without waking up, and you will also be happy to give it back to you in the same measure. If these signs exist, but also find their relationship in the previous signs,