He Says He’s Not Ready For A Relationship: What To Do?

Have you ever been with a guy who acts like he’s your boyfriend but still tells you he’s not ready for a relationship?

Somehow he does everything he’s supposed to do, the perfect boyfriend.

It calls consistently.

He takes you out every weekend.

On the outside, he looks like a dream come true, but something doesn’t seem right.

It’s not what he’s doing, it’s what he’s not doing and it starts to bother you.

When a man says he’s not ready for a relationship, your best bet is to believe him.

Men who say they’re not ready for a relationship are actually saying they want to keep their options open.

As women, we forgive these men.

We tell ourselves that he’s too busy with work, school, or too much going on in his life.

Whatever the case, anyone who wants to be with you will make it clear that they do.

He proudly introduces you to his family but claims the two of you are “just friends”.

Gosh, he might even hold your hand and kiss you in public, but he refuses to stay together once the date is over.

I know it might not seem like a big deal to not want to stretch out on the couch after a great night and talk about how much fun it was, but it’s the little things that matter most in these situations.

It’s the little things that separate this great guy from “Mr. Right”.

He doesn’t do little things just for the sake of doing them, like bring you flowers, visit you with your favorite chocolates, bring you soup when you’re sick, or just show up because he can’t wait to see you.

Obviously, these little things are missing.

It will keep lives separate on most levels.

It chooses which parts you are included in.

This gives you the power to dictate the terms and conditions of the relationship and there’s not much you can do unless you break up with him.

I suggest you think hard about a man like this.

These are the guys who wake up one day and say, “It’s not you, it’s me” or “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

When a man tells you he’s not ready for a relationship, believe him because he’s doing you a favor by being honest.

There is no point in trying to force something that is no longer working as it should.

Maybe he has unresolved issues.

Maybe he hasn’t dealt with his past or healed from old wounds yet.

Who cares?

A man who is not ready for a relationship is useless to you unless you enjoy emotional abuse.

Get rid of it immediately.

Tell him to thank you for the wonderful times together, but I’m ready to be more than a toy.

Easier said than done, I know, but really, you’re risking your heart on a man who’s not willing to give his in return.