10 Signs You’re a Trophy Wife

You’ve heard about them and you might want to be one, but how do you know if you’ve finally made it?

Here are 10 signs that confirm you are a trophy wife.

10. You never have to worry about money.

You don’t have a job, but you’re first on the list of sellers for Chanel, Hermes, and Prada.

Your credit cards magically pay off every month, and when you shop, you never look at the price.

9. You Have Pursuers.

Men are enamored of you and start showing up randomly at events you are participating in.

Anonymous cards and gifts are left at your doorstep; you have random people calling your cell phone declaring their love for you.

8. You Have Restrictive Measures Against Your Persecutors.

You’ve finally realized that at least some of the men who look up to you and who somehow show up at certain social functions might not be right in their heads, so you’ve taken legal action just to get those goosebumps out of your life.

Until now you thought all attention was good.

Now you understand that sometimes it’s just scary.

7. You Have Your Own Single White Woman.

You have friends who imitate you to the point of stalking – they dress like you, befriend your friends, stalk your Instagram account, like all your posts, see all your stories, and even ‘accidentally’ appear where you are.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I think it’s wrong.

See point 8.

6. You Never Follow Your Husband.

You are used to seeing your husband between 10 pm and 6 am – on a good week.

Usually, you have no idea where he is, and whenever someone asks you, you reply, “He’s working in some business, somewhere.”

5. You Receive Extravagant Gifts From Said Husband

In order to ward off guilt, your husband feels neglected by you, when he comes back he gives you extravagant gifts like Hermes Birkin bags, Cartier Panther rings, and ridiculously large diamonds.

That’s why it feels wrong for him to know that you really like having the penthouse to yourself.

4. You Have Enemies

Mostly girls who pretend to be your best friend to your face, but behind their backs will badmouth anyone who will listen, as they try to attract their husband.

Haters always try to undermine her status as a trophy wife, often with comments like “you wouldn’t understand, don’t work”.

Your response should be “Oh, I see. Is it like you don’t understand the concept of dieting?”

3. You’re Always Aiming for More

Everyone has aspirations – who said you should always be career-oriented?

You never settle for second best.

Flying first class is fine, but what about the private jet?

There will always be someone with more money than you; therefore, you always pressure your husband to earn more money.

2. Your Ring Does Not Follow The 3-Month Rule.

It’s so silly to think that the rule on three months’ salary for an engagement ring was started by the diamond and jewelry industry to blame men for spending more money on an engagement ring to keep the money coming into the industry.

Personally, I think it’s a trick for men to spend less than their wives want.

If your fiancé says his wife doesn’t want a bigger, more expensive diamond, she’s lying.

Diamonds are like penises – the bigger the better.

There should never be a limit on how much an engagement ring costs.

And the number one sign that you’re a trophy wife?

1. Your Husband Is The Epitome Of Rich

Your husband has so much money that simple tasks like checking receipts at ATMs, checking a bill before paying at a restaurant, or checking price tags while shopping seems completely non-existent in his life.

He buys what he wants, when, and the only thing he needs to think about before buying something is whether he has time in his schedule to use the product.

It ensures that literally everything you own, be it your car, TV or pool, is always the most up-to-date and efficient model; otherwise, he will simply buy a new one.