How to Become a Trophy Wife

The term Trophy Wife has always had negative connotations associated with it – most people conjure up the image of an empty, gold-digging blonde dangling from the arm of a considerably older man.

Consider this image defunct or useful for today’s elite modern man.

You might be surprised to learn that, in fact, there is a new generation of trophy women – the trophy woman 2.0, and they are nothing like the commonly stereotyped model.

The only similarity the 2.0 Trophy Wife shares with her predecessors are the obvious concept of being physically attractive.

The successful male counterpart is also pretty obvious because only the most deserving men should have the honor of marrying such a valuable prize that is a beautiful woman.

But that’s where the similarities end – the trophy woman 2.0 also needs to be:


During these downtimes, it’s good to talk to a woman who doesn’t revolve around the latest episode of Desperate Housewives.

Men are looking for an intellectual equal, so don’t drop out of high school and mount your looks as your only asset.

Get a college degree – maybe even try graduate school.

Not only will you gain a new sense of culture, but many potentially successful men attend business schools, so they are full of different options in terms of securing a lavish future.

Socially engaging

This goes hand in hand with education.

Successful men have a lot of social obligations, and it’s good that he has attractive women in their arms during these situations to make their peers jealous.

The trophy wife should be adaptable to all social occasions, from a fancy restaurant to a round of golf with Japanese investors.

A tip from me, veteran trophy wife: don’t pre-game on these occasions.

Don’t Be Money Hungry

Cash is nice to have, an added bonus if you like.

A trophy wife is no gold digger – well, at least wait until he marries you before you make it obvious.

Properly dressed

Sure, a Herve Leger dress is attractive, but look how many times Jennifer Love Hewitt has worn it, and she still doesn’t have a man.

A girl who dresses like a station wagon will never be a trophy wife; she can play the part for an hour for the right price, but no man will marry that girl.

Attractive doesn’t mean leaving it all out – men like a little mystery.

Learn how to dress to emphasize your best feature.

And remember: a personal trainer is a boon in any trophy woman’s life.

Be Seen In The Right Places

Honey, you won’t find a rich husband sitting in the chair chasing your ex on Instagram.

Put on your Louboutins and go out and mingle!

Some favorable venues only include private clubs, polo matches, fundraisers, and charity events.

I mean, if he’s donating thousands of reais, he must be rich, right?