Here are 10 proofs that you’ve found the perfect woman

During our life, we meet many people.

At university, at work, in the evening, in the metro, at sport. Interactions are the very essence of our lives. And then one day, it happens that we meet THE right person, our double, our alter-ego. In short, the love of our life.

At that moment, it happens that we do not realize it and that we let it slip away … To avoid losing it,

Here are 10 signs that may indicate you’ve found the perfect woman for you!

1. You admire him

She has a particular talent: from drawing, to cooking, including crafts or a gift for reciting the alphabet backwards. She is comfortable everywhere, all the time. In short, you find a lot of qualities in it, including one in particular that makes it attractive and you like it a lot.

2. She has a fine mind and foolproof intelligence

In her brain it is fueled, thanks to her, you have the impression that every problem has its solution and it is often even her who suggests ideas to you.

3. In your eyes, She is the most beautiful!

And whether it’s true or not, we don’t care. In your eyes she is the perfect woman because she has that little extra thing that the others don’t have, she shines in your eyes and when you see her, you have little stars in your eyes.

4. She has a character

She doesn’t hesitate to say “no” to you and refute your lame arguments.

5. You find her funny

Whether she has the craziest humor or the most awesome on Earth, it doesn’t matter, she has a knack for making you laugh. And that is priceless.

6. She is passionate

You see her invested in her projects, she gives her all in everything she does and she loves a lot of stuff.

7. You find her strong and positive

She doesn’t let herself be impressed, even though she needs your support and energy at times, she takes matters into her own hands and moves forward. It’s very simple, it boosts you in just a few words.

8. She is capable of compromise

When things clash with you, she can be fierce and defend her arguments tooth and nail, but besides that she is able to make certain concessions.

9. You find her independent and caring

She works hard, goes out with her friends, sees people, plays sports. In short, you have the feeling that it can escape you but it is also what pleases you. Besides that, she pays you attention and gives you some surprises.

10. She loves you!

The base, obviously, but an essential.

In short, this girl is a pillar in your life. You and she are obvious, you were made to meet each other, there is an unwavering bond between you.

So a tip if you’ve found the perfect woman, keep her well and take care of her!