Here’s how to make a man miss you and drive him mad with desire!

The 5 essential points for knowing how to miss a man

There are many questions that can tease your mind on a daily basis regarding your partner. For example, if he thinks of you when you are not together, if he misses you when you go about your respective activities, if he wants to hug you or simply to see you as soon as you are away one of the other.

Male psychology is much more complex than female psychology. Therefore, to know if you miss a man, you will first have to distance yourself from him. While this may seem surprising to you, it is at least an attested reality. In the following lines, you will find out how to miss a man.

Why is creating a shortage of necessity?

At first, trying to create lack is important, because although the feeling of love, and love itself in general, causes an unexpected and absolutely pleasant magic effect, the fact remains that a prolonged relationship is undoubtedly anchored in the routine. And most of the time, once the relationship enters this state, it happens that it comes to suffer from this daily promiscuity of the two beings that compose it, which leaves the field open to weariness to settle in your unaware. Very often the resulting result is negative.

To counter this routine and the harmful effects it can cause, creating a lack in the other is one of the means to be exploited. By creating a lack in your partner, you will be able to see if it will generate in him the need to be with you, to find you faster and sooner or if he is rather inclined to ignore you. If the need to find you manifests, it is that your man undoubtedly cares for you and that he is not about to turn away from you or leave you. You will also be able to see if your own feelings are what you believe. By testing it, you are testing yourself at the same time.

Creating the lack in a way allows you to test the strength or the fragility of your relationship, your relationship, and the feelings of each other. You must miss each other, and one with the other.

1) Why is it necessary to maintain a certain distance?

A man who finds that his partner is completely won over to him whatever he does will never be able to feel a lack in his absence. Establishing an almost constant presence is particularly harmful in the sense that too promiscuity or not enough distance can have the opposite effect than that sought. Too close, lack cannot be established, yet it is the best indicator. It is therefore particularly essential to maintain the sustainability of a relationship. There is a saying: “Run away from him, he follows you. Follow him, he runs away from you ”. It perfectly defines the evidence of the game of lack in a couple or in any intimate and romantic relationship. This also applies in the case of a long-distance relationship.

Even if it is not easy to ignore someone and it is sometimes difficult for you to flourish in the absence of your partner, solutions can help you to remedy it without suffering. Adopt some hobbies which are not part of his pleasures and which you can practice without any guilt, but which on the contrary will allow you to flourish in all serenity. The objective is to show your partner that a constant presence on his part by your side is not necessarily, and even less necessarily, essential for you to be truly fulfilled.

From there, you will notice that your partner will inform you of the lack that your presence has generated, either openly or through actions. He will then be undecided. Be careful all the same that the distances that you will put between you and him are made in all subtlety. That is to say without excess or exaggeration, but on the contrary that it looks completely natural.

No need for stratagems or a distance bracelet to make a man who ignores you react, because, on the whole, men do not particularly appreciate that women run after them. This also applies when it comes to their regular partner. They need to have a feeling of freedom and that it is not about to be restrained, even when they are in a relationship. Their tranquility and their living space are necessary and very important to them. You must, therefore, find the right balance between the affection you show him and respect for his privacy. Flooding him with calls just to find out what he’s doing is not a good idea and would be counterproductive in terms of your relationship and your relationship, to the extent that this type of behavior would generate a feeling of suffocation in your loved one which could inevitably lead him to tire of you in the long term. This would endanger your relationship, especially if you are not in a common life situation. Besides, in the latter case, absolutely avoid going to his home without having been invited to it, and even less unexpectedly.

2) Avoid showing too much initiative

Take too many initiatives; messages, news, frequent calls, proposed meetings, etc., are a mistake that many women make. You have to balance it, that is, neither too much nor too little. If you do not let your partner breathe, you also do not give him time to think about you, therefore to know if he misses you, when he needs to be aware of it. It is therefore essential to limit your initiatives so that your partner comes to you on his own when the lack of you is felt. To finish on this point, know also that it is important to leave all freedom to your man to send you the very first message.

By showing distance and limiting your initiatives, as we said, neither too much nor too little, your man will automatically feel the lack of you.

3) Create unforgettable moments

Sharing unforgettable moments with your partner contributes to the sustainability of your relationship, but is also an important tip to cause a lack in him. Because, note that the routine annihilates the feeling of lack as much in one as in the other, just as much as the feeling of well-being or pleasant moments which are no longer as obvious, or even the opposite of what that they were in your early days.

Routine means that everything is always the same, which inevitably leads to weariness within the couple. It can even cause a lack of interest which will encourage your partner to move away from you. You should absolutely not feel frustrated in your romantic or couple relationship. Also, avoid being tactless with negative behaviors, baseless complaints, anger, or shouting that is out of place, that may seem exaggerated, or that have no interest.

To cause a lack in the heart of your loved one, your relationship must be based on happiness. Your mutual well-being lies in your respective personal development, both together and on your own. And to thrive together, you must generally be able to create unforgettable, even magical, moments for which you will really have fun remembering each of them later.

Living strong and unforgettable moments will have an even greater effect if you have been able to put the necessary distances essential to any relationship. Because, after such moments, your partner will inevitably think about it then, then the following days with, there too, an impression of lack and the desire to reproduce them or to live others, just as significant, with you. It is therefore established that the more you miss each other, and the more you miss your darling, the more the moments that you will live together will be positive.

So live your relationship, your life as a couple, at 200% by daring about everything, while not regretting anything, because happiness is not so complex to obtain, but taming it in the long term requires some efforts.

4) Show your partner that nothing is acquired and that he can lose you

Many men imagine that the woman who shares their life or their daily life belongs to them. In fact, they are intimately convinced that they are not likely to lose it, which is a major error on the one hand, because nothing is never acquired, even less in love, and on the other hand, you can -be acted so that it has this impression.

You must make sure that your partner does not have this feeling against you since you are a human being in his own right and not a thing. Then, because nothing is eternal and because, as the saying goes, “everything goes, everything is weary”. This is the reason why you absolutely must subtly highlight that he can lose you at any moment. It is not a question here of making him precisely jealous, or of giving birth to him this feeling if he is not. So there is no point in going in this direction by rubbing shoulders with other men who are too close. On the contrary, you have to make her think that you are an exceptional woman, that without you he would be unhappy, but that if nothing holds you back, he could lose you. However, do not make him emotionally dependent on you.

By doing so, you will create this feeling of lack without causing negative or perverse effects. Conversely, if your partner is fundamentally convinced that he has no risk of losing you whatever happens, he will not have the feeling that he misses you, which could over time put your relationship in danger.

5) Be considerate of your partner

The last tip to cause withdrawal is for you to be considerate of it.

Be aware that by having applied the previous tips, in particular by putting the recommended distances, you have managed to create the lack, only your companion can then feel somewhat neglected. You need to remedy that feeling in him by showing him that it is important to you, that it matters to you. Show interest, without exaggeration. Putting distance does not mean lack of attention. Make him happy with a gift from time to time, a surprise, outings, etc. Show him that you sincerely love him. Even loving each other with passion does not necessarily mean being bonded to each other.

The advantage is that your darling feels loved, especially when you are together, while keeping a few distances. So if you plan an appointment, he will inevitably be impatient until the scheduled day. Because you will have paid attention to him while maintaining the necessary distance. You must act in such a way that he sees the efforts you are making for him and at the same time identify the attention you pay him, always without going overboard.

Taking care of yourself is also a sign of attention, because looking at a woman is much more pleasant when she is beautiful and has taken care of her appearance. Do not hesitate to make yourself beautiful for him in all circumstances. Under these conditions, your companion will be all the more proud to be with you and will seek your company.

Knowing that beauty is an asset, including to trigger the lack, do not hesitate to do everything to amplify your beauty and as always without exaggerating or abusing artifices either. Be the most beautiful of all while remaining yourself. In addition to the lack caused by the previous tips, you will create in him the lack of your beauty without a doubt, which can only be more beneficial.

By taking into account all these elements, you will manage to cause lack and your companion will undoubtedly have the desire to be near you, which will make him particularly attached to your person without excessiveness. The goal is not to make him possessive, which would be particularly unlivable both for you and for him.

To conclude, these various advices are offered to you to allow you to create the lack of your absence from your partner whether you have a common life or whether you live love from a distance.

Keep in mind that for a relationship to be viable and long-lasting, it is essential that the shortfall takes hold and is present. Without this element, or feeling, essential to any relationship, the habit will become part of the routine and will jeopardize the bonds that unite you. It is recognized that the routine is mainly responsible for a large number of breakups for couples.

Give the importance that creating the lack deserves so that your couple reap the full benefits. By using these few rules to your advantage, you will find that the results will be convincing and that your couple will be truly fulfilled.