How to know if he loves me: All the signs to know!

If you are currently in a whole new romantic relationship, you are certainly keen to find out if your partner has feelings about you. How do you know if it’s just a passing attraction to you or real emerging love? In this article, we invite you to discover all the signs that will clearly let you know that he loves you.

Watch him

The best way to find out if he likes you is to watch him. It may seem simple, but few of us really do it and especially do not take the time to do it. You just have to read his eyes and observe his gestures towards you. However, avoid interpreting anything and everything. You should know that the look is the mirror of the soul and a simple look can say a lot about feelings. It is not recommended that you stare at him constantly in the eyes as this will end up making him uncomfortable.

However, try to feel his feelings through his gaze on you, and these are things that really feel without a real explanation. You will quickly see that he will take a tender look at you, a sign of his love for you. In terms of gestures, you can also take the time to observe to find out if he really loves you. Is it rather tactile or not?

Some distant men will tend to be very tactile with the person they love, for example. If through your gestures your partner manages to make you feel all his desire, it is especially because he really loves you. A man who is in love will always want you physically, know that.

He accepts you as you are

Know that a man who accepts you as you are, without asking you to change anything about you or in your attitudes is a man in love. Everyone is unique and has their own personality. By accepting yourself as you are and respecting your differences, it means that he has a sincere love for you. If your partner constantly asks you to change certain things, then love is not present.

Indeed, if he constantly tells you not to dress like this, if he tells you that you should have listened to him, if he tells you that you should have done like that, then it’s not good sign. Know that constantly blaming is not proof of love from your partner, quite the contrary. Your spouse should not want to take over you, but must be able to let you live as you wish to show you all his love.

He makes common projects

If your partner does joint projects with you, then this is a very good sign that shows his love for you. Indeed, the man who seeks only a passing relationship will not project himself into the future. However, to know if he really loves you and that he is not trying to manipulate you, we recommend that you check that these joint projects are a common desire and not only in his sense.