How do I know if I like HIM? The 8 signs

You have met someone for some time and your relationship is evolving. Only you ask yourself a question, THE question. How do I know if I like it? You are wondering about your feelings because you have been single for a long time, because you have experienced a disappointment in love before that, or because you fear that you will no longer really know what love really is. How do I know if I like it? Here are the main signs that will help you answer this question.

How do I know if I like him?

Are you really in love or is it just affection, desire, attachment? Is it an illusion or a mark of emotional dependence?

How can you be sure that you have feelings for a person, that you have fallen in love, that you simply love them?

Even if it is important to let yourself be carried away by the beauty of an emerging love and not to ask too many questions, it is normal and even healthy to know exactly what you feel in order to know how to engage in a romantic relationship.

Asking if you love someone is like asking if you can and want to project yourself with that person. The projection towards a future, even if only in the medium term, is an essential indicator of the feeling of love. Obviously, it is not the only one, there are others.

Here are the main signs that will help you answer the question: how do I know if I like it?

Sign # 1 The desire to project yourself

Love and the future are indeed closely linked. As we said briefly, projecting yourself into a romantic relationship, at its own pace, of course, but by making it become more serious, shows and proves the existence of emerging or deepening romantic feelings. It is the main indicator to remember.

Sign # 2 Share and discover your life

It makes sense to want to share time with the person you love. When we want to discover new things to the other, that we take him to a place we frequent, discover our passions, what we like to do, it is not trivial. If we introduce our friends to him, that we organize a first meeting with his in-laws … It’s that there is more than a simple attraction, we bring this person into our world by making him a real place.

Sign # 3 Physical sensations

The famous butterflies in the belly when you think of the other, the knotted throat, the smile on the lips constantly accompanied by a blissful air, the eyes which shine, the mixture of haste and stress before / seeing it… If you have romantic feelings, the way you feel with each other is symptomatic of how you feel. Because there are real signs of an emerging love.

Sign # 4 Fear of losing it

 As with the desire to project yourselfthe fear of losing the other is proof of the love you have for them. If you are afraid that she will leave your life overnight, that she will leave you, then you have romantic feelings.

Sign # 4 A real lack

It sounds silly, so obvious. And yet it is a precious feeling that the lack of the otherIf you miss this person when they are not with you, and you count the days before seeing them again, it is because you are moving from attachment to love.

How do I know if I like it? Other important signs

Sign # 5 Presentation to loved ones

 Have you passed the milestone of the presentation to loved ones? Evening with friends, family meal? Where is it scheduled? It is another sign of the important place you make in your life. And therefore how you feel.

Sign # 6 His happiness matters to you

Are you attentive to him, attentive, attentive? Do you want him or her to be good with you and for that, you redouble little attentions, respects? Sweet words, compliments, small gifts, whatever … But you do whatever it takes to make him or her feel good about your relationship, and vice versa.

Sign # 7 This is your favorite topic of conversation

You talk a lot about him or her around you, you can’t help it, it’s stronger than you. You talk about it to your friends even if they haven’t met him yet, you allude to your moments spent as a couple. In short, his first name is always in your mouth, and it makes you feel good.

Sign # 8 All the others are transparent

Other men or women have become transparent to you, or even invisible. It’s very simple, you don’t think about it, you have no desire at all to seduce or be seduced by someone else, in fact you are totally invested in your relationship, quite simply.

How do I know if I like it? If these 8 signs are familiar to you, then don’t doubt your love for him or her! You like it, you can be sure.