How do you know if a relationship with a man has a future?

If you have never had the chance to live a healthy and balanced romantic relationship, you may have no idea what characterizes them.

By knowing the characteristics of a relationship that works with a man, you will optimize your chances of finding the rare pearl and of detecting when a romantic relationship is worth it.

Each love story is different, but there are always common points…

1. Respect

Respect is one of the most important characteristics of a happy relationship with a man, whether in a friendship, a romantic relationship or marriage.

A partner who respects you can listen to you without judging you and pay attention to you when it comes to making mutual decisions.

A man who does not respect you devalues ​​you, criticizes you, or neglects your feelings has no place in your life.

2. Support

Support is as important as respect in a relationship with a man.

You and your partner should encourage each other to reach your goals and make your dreams come true.

In difficult times, you have to be there for each other, it’s a sign of a healthy couple!

3. Confidence

In a balanced relationship, neither partner should be suspicious or jealous without good reason.

If you are constantly wondering if you can trust your Jules, your relationship may end badly…

This confidence is not granted with a snap of a finger.

She settles in gradually when we see that her partner keeps her promises and follows the basic rules of a couple (no flirting with others, no lies, etc.) for a certain time.

4. No manipulation!

Negotiation is one thing, but the use of threats, blackmail, and lies to manipulate the other is another.

No one should be treated like this! If your partner tends to use these frankly limited means to keep you or make you go without his direction, beware.

It is not a balanced relationship but a veritable trap!

There are dozens of characteristics that prove that your relationship with a man has a future, but I have just outlined the four main ones for you.

If you realize that your romantic relationships have nothing to do with these different observations, do not panic!

It’s not your fault. No matter how hard you try in the world if your partner is unwilling to do the same, the outcome is often unfortunate…

But it is not too late to make a difference. It’s your turn!