How do you know if a woman loves you?

How do you know if a woman loves you? Love can be a game of hide and seek. If everything is as easy as feeling something and saying those feelings out loud, the world will be better for it.

This kind of honesty is however impossible to achieve in reality, because people live in fear, insecurity and let us not forget pride. We cannot say or show how we feel because we fear rejection.

We will only show our feelings when we are really sure that our feelings are mutual. When we are not sure, we will choose to keep it a secret rather than run the risk of being hurt.


Sometimes, even when you’re already in a relationship, if a woman loves you, she still won’t express how she feels, choosing to hide her feelings in shadows of empty sweetness. And remember, men also have their own insecurities. They will also question a woman’s feelings, even if they are already in a relationship. It is crucial to know if a woman likes you.


If you think something is important to you, you will always find time to do it, whether it’s a few hours or a few minutes. When a woman loves you, she will always try to find time for you. If you know that a girl is really busy but is always willing to hang out with you, it can be a good sign that she is indeed interested in you.


If a woman loves you, she has the will to sacrifice herself. There are things people won’t do for anyone except the people they love. Look for things that differentiate the way your wife treats you and how she treats the other people in her life. Are you one of the priorities? Is she doing things that she wouldn’t do for other people? These are the keys to how special you are to her? Did she sacrifice things just to be with you? These are the things that indicate how special you are to her.


Some women may not say much, but they fear for the safety of the people they love. It’s one way to find out if a woman loves you. When what you do affects them in one way or another, it means that you matter in their life. This is one of the most obvious signs of love in a person because you care enough about your safety. You can tell if a woman loves you if she fears for your safety.


Instead of constantly wondering how to know that a woman is in love, instead, pay attention to the way she talks to you. Does she ask you a lot of questions? Is she otherwise trying to get different, sometimes personal, information from you? Or maybe she surprises you with knowledge on subjects close to you?
If the answer is yes, then you are probably not indifferent to him. She consciously collects information about you so that she can get to know you better and impress you more effectively. This arguably demonstrates a commitment to a dignified relationship.


While jealousy isn’t necessarily a good thing when you think about it, a clue is an indication that a person is in you. There is jealousy if a woman loves you. In fact, a jealous relationship is healthy for a relationship because it validates feelings and reassures the partner that their partner is afraid of losing you to someone else. Of course, too much can also be detrimental. Learn to balance and resolve jealousy issues immediately.


Every girl will generally enjoy receiving gifts from the guy she loves. She will also tend to appreciate her gift in all its forms. For example, if you give her a teddy bear, she will usually hug him while she sleeps. If you give her a bracelet, chances are she wears it every day.


This usually happens when you are not looking at her. She will always take the opportunity to take a look at you. You somehow notice it, but when you turn your head to look at her, she will quickly look away. Maybe she is interested in you but is just too shy to talk to you. You can decide to take the initiative and approach her.


When a woman is interested in the man, she stands closer to him. If his shoulder is resting on you or in your direction. It means she is interested in you. Sometimes it can be so tight that it is leaning against your shoulder when the two of you are talking to each other side by side. If you can show them your charm by presenting the best of what you have, you have an almost 70% chance of winning a woman’s heart. You don’t have to be handsome, wealthy, or drive a fancy car to win the woman you love.