How do you know if he’s dating another woman?

It is not difficult to know whether a man is cheating on you or not. Many women have faced this kind of problem before, and the signs sent by an unfaithful man are still pretty much the same. Do you have doubts about your partner’s loyalty and want to know if he has an affair? The following signs are far from misleading.

He’s on his phone or online more often than usual

If, suddenly, he starts to be glued to his phone, be careful. If he doesn’t tell you who he is talking to or if he gets upset when you ask him who he is chatting with, then the risks of infidelity are imminent. A man who is 100% in the relationship will have nothing to hide. He won’t constantly text or act oddly on someone else.

He cares much more about his appearance

Here is another telltale sign as to whether he has a mistress. If your man becomes interested in his appearance again when you are in an established relationship, he is probably not trying to impress you. Did he unexpectedly join a gym? Is he trying to lose weight? If he had never had an interest in exercising before, it may be a sign that he is interested in someone else who knows how to make him addicted.

He is suddenly very busy with his work

If he suddenly has to leave town more often, or spend many more late nights at the office, this could be cause for concern. If he has recently been promoted or his employment has changed in one way or another, there may be nothing to worry about. But if you know that this is not the case, you have every reason to have doubts.

He avoids the moments of intimacy with you

If a man cheats on you with another woman, he might feel like he is cheating on his mistress if he shares intimate moments with you. This is especially the case with a man of loyal nature, for whom infidelity is still something new.
Even if he is not in love with the person with whom he is cheating on you, an unfaithful person may feel uncomfortable behaving intimately with his real partner, because that goes against his behavior. cheater.

He avoids having s**x with you… or wants it all the time

S**x is a form of intimacy, so if it avoids sleeping with you, it could be related to the previous point. However, he could also avoid sleeping with you because he already has enough with someone else. Conversely, his s**xual appetite may increase because the bond leads to a surge of testosterone. It may also be a way for him to deal with his guilt.

He’s always looking for a fight

If he starts to seem angry all the time for no particular reason, it may be because he feels bad for not being the perfect boyfriend, and so he wants to make sure that you also are not the perfect girlfriend. He does it to relieve his guilt.

He has major mood changes

A new relationship can be exciting and fun, but it can also cause anxiety. If your man cheats on you, he may be happy and optimistic for a second, and become somber and depressed the next moment.

He suddenly needs a lot of privacy

Before, he used to leave his phone unlocked all the time and leave it on the table when he left the room. Now he always locks it and takes it with him. This change of habit is far from trivial. This is probably a sign that you have come across an unfaithful man.

You feel it in your guts

If you have terrible suspicions that your man is cheating on you, there is a reason. If you used to trust her and feel completely secure in your relationship, but now worry about her behavior, you should trust your gut and not ignore it.