How to recognize a loving man who hides his feelings?

He loves me … He doesn’t love me …
If only the petals of a flower really allowed us to recognize a man in love. If some dare to proclaim their love to you out loud, others prefer discretion. Fortunately for you, there are signs that let you know if a man secretly loves you.

You catch him staring at you

When a man loves you, he finds it hard to take your eyes off you. There is so much power in the eyes and a man who looks at you for a long time shows his deep love for you. This is the sign that shows that he is very interested in you.

He will do everything he can for you

Whenever you need his help, he is there. If you need advice, a driver, help, or just a shoulder to cry on, he will find a way to reach you or make sure you are all right.

You are his priority

Although work and family are very important to him, he wants to make you understand that you are someone special in his life. This means that he puts your needs before his own and that he makes compromises to make you happy.

He asks for your advice regarding his life

If he asks you for your opinion on an important decision he must make, it is likely that his confidence in you means that he is in love with you. It means he really cares what you think. Moral support is one of the things a man expects from a romantic relationship. He wants to be by the side of a woman who understands her needs.

He makes plans for your future

If he leaks out that you’re going to travel together, or buy a house together, or do something together next week, chances are he’s in love with you. Men don’t make many plans that they say out loud. So if he’s already planning your life for next week, next month, or next year, chances are it’s yours forever.

He will not forget the little details about you

He will know if you have a medical appointment or a family reception. Besides, a man who loves you is REALLY interested in you. He will ask questions about your parents, your friends, your work. He will not forget to ask questions about this idiot Susanne to the accounting that you hate.

He wants to get closer to you

When you are together, he will try to get as close to you as possible. If you dine outside, you will find him sitting on the same side of the table as you. It’s his way of telling you that he loves you.

He compliments you

Men who care about you do everything they can to let you know how beautiful you are. Even in your worst days, he will find something nice to say about you to cheer you up.

He tells his friends about you

If his friends say he’s talking about you, you can rest assured that he’s in love. Again, men do not express all their feelings, and if he is comfortable enough to tell his friends about you, it is because he wants to evoke his feelings.