3 Signs He’s Interested

Today, I’m going to show you 3 little signs that he’s interested in you. And also, how to react to these signs. Let’s go!

He creates eye contact

Since men are visual creatures, it goes without saying that they look at women they find attractive. This is important because men generally tend to avoid prolonged eye contact because of their threatening nature (think of alpha males).

In addition, any man can tell you the story of a woman with whom he was nice and who misinterpreted his kindness, taking it for a romantic interest. And if you ask 100 men why they are so careful not to give a bad impression to a woman, they will all answer you, ”  Because she could leave.” 

Here’s how to respond:

When you notice her gaze, simply respond with a smile while maintaining eye contact for a few seconds, then quickly look away. This simple gesture is the invitation he needs to approach you.

He listens to you

Do I really need to say that men hate being bored? Women don’t like it either, but men hate it. Nothing is more annoying for most men than finding themselves trapped in a conversation with someone they don’t care about.

If you were wondering how to know if you are the woman who is holding him captive, relax. Most men will not listen to you long enough for this to happen. If he listens to you talk about your work, your friends or your other interests for more than five minutes, then you are interested.

Here’s how to respond:

Remember that the person speaking is NOT in control; she’s the one listening. You want the conversation to be centered on him so that you can start training him to be emotionally dependent on you.

Men always find women who listen to them irresistibly. When listening, be sure to make eye contact from time to time. Most women can easily do two things at the same time, so resist the urge to listen while looking away.

Without eye contact, you may be listening to what he is telling you while appearing to be uninterested.

He frequents your friends

Most men know that if they just approach a woman and ask a closed question, they are at least 50% likely to have her say no. Smart men are therefore the ones who slowly infiltrate your circle of close friends because they know that if your friends like them, they have a better chance of having you.

Do not feel threatened if you see a man start a conversation with one of your friends. Yes, he might be interested in her and not you, but chances are he is targeting you.

When a man gets to know your friends, it becomes easier for him to approach you and them in the future.

Here’s how to respond:

If you notice that he is talking to one of your friends, do not approach too quickly. In fact, don’t come near at all. Pretend you haven’t noticed they are chatting and keep your distance.

The next time you are with this friend, stay close to her and he may approach you through her.

PS: And once you find this “good guy”, do you know how to make him fall deeply in love with you?