7 signs that he wants to marry you!

Let’s say you and your man have been together for a while now. Everything seems to be going more or less perfectly between you, and you are at the stage of your relationship where marriage no longer seems completely unthinkable.

So how do you know if he wants to marry you? Well, believe me, there are some unmistakable signs.

Here are 7 indisputable signs that your man wants to marry you:

1. He talks about a future with you

When a man thinks about his future and sees you in it, it’s an important sign that he wants to marry you. Especially if he talks about it openly. Be careful when he talks about this kind of thing, and avoid putting the subject aside or moving on. He might think you are not interested in marriage.

2. You are part of his family

If you are at the point where you and your man are still together, then it can be said that you are part of his family. By that, I mean that you go to all the events together, that you know the names of his brothers and sisters, and that you may even have met his distant relatives.

When your man brings you into his family, it ‘s something. That means he wants you, and not just any other woman.

Well, you may have met his parents a month or two after you got together … But if they buy you Christmas gifts, or if it is from them that you ask for advice, it is an undeniable sign that he is comfortable when you are there, which could mean that he plans to marry you.

3. He wants to live with you

One of the most important stages of marriage is to live together.

Of course, it depends on the couple, and the values ​​and beliefs of the people involved, but if your man offers to move in together, he may well want to see what his life might look like if he married you.

Well, if you’ve been living together for years, it’s not really a sign that he wants to get married. But, in any case, you can be sure that if he has agreed to live with you, it is because he considers your relationship to be serious.

4. He misses you

Whether he sends you messages when you are away, or surprises you with small gifts after leaving for a weekend, if your man shows you that he missed you, it is a sign that ‘he might think of marriage.

Let me explain…

When you miss a man, it shows him what life without you could be like. When this happens, he quickly realizes all the places you take in his life, which makes him think about keeping you for good.

Needless to say, this is when the idea of ​​marriage comes into play.

5. He only sees you

To see your man look at another woman is a really bad feeling. This not only reminds you that you could lose it at any time, but it also fuels your lack of self-confidence and your feeling of jealousy.

When a man wants to marry you, he has eyes only for you. So you will not catch him staring at the waitress, and you will not be afraid that he will flirt with his colleagues. Why? Because you are the only woman who interests him.

6. He’s already acting like he’s your husband

You come home after a long day at work and dinner is ready, you mention that it should be cleaned up, and he is quick to do so. If your boyfriend acts like he is your husband, then he wants to marry you.

If he feels good enough with you to be himself, and if he also cares enough for you to go further and be the man you need, it is a sign.

7. He tells you

Whether he tells you sincerely that he will marry you one day or that he brings the subject up in jest, if he talks about it out loud, it is because he is trying to see your reaction. Men are afraid of being rejected, so it is important for him to know that you will answer yes if he asks you to marry.

If he sees that you are not really reacting positively to his proposal, then he will know that we still have to work on it.

There you have it, seven signs that your man wants to marry you. Of course, it is important not to draw hasty conclusions, to over-analyze, or to put pressure on him, as this will happen when the time is right. Let him do it.

PS: You spin perfect love with your man after his marriage proposal. You want it to never end and you want your relationship to last until the end of your life.