Do You Master The 3 Feminine Qualities That Make Men Addicted?

You have feminine qualities that men appreciate, that’s for sure. But do you have these 3 character traits that men love?

Do you master these 3 feminine qualities that transform any “average woman” into an attractive woman?

If you are looking for a man, I recommend that you integrate these 3 feminine qualities that men are looking for … guaranteed results! If you search the web well, you will find articles with more than 200 qualities. No one has them all, and some are more attractive than others in the great game of seduction. 

Following a survey carried out at a partner men’s magazine, here are the 3 character traits of women, the 3 feminine qualities that men particularly like.

I let you discover them!

Feminine quality # 1: Men like women who listen (more than those who control the conversation)

Man and woman, we are all the same in the face of love: we want 2A. You don’t know the 2A? We want to be Loved and Accepted. 

And that goes a lot through conversation. During a first meeting or a first meeting, we all try to show ourselves in our best light. You probably have lots of stories to tell to put yourself forward. Or else you become a real talking mill to hide your fear of being judged by this stranger who appeals to you so much. As a result, you tend to control the conversation too much and monopolize speech.

However, to attract a man, you have to highlight him … and listen to him! 

Be careful, I’m obviously not telling you to play the potiche and just listen and agree: no more time! You are an active, demanding woman with things to say! However, be sure to leave room in the conversation for the man in front of you.

Welcome him, let him speak, encourage him to give you more details. Relaunch the conversation, ask him to tell you more, to explain: men also love to talk, and feel valued when you show interest in what they say.

My advice: if you really like this man, try to listen as much as you speak. 50-50 is fair play, and the man will feel that he has his place with you. Much more than with a woman who controls 90% of the conversation and who doesn’t let it exist.

Feminine quality # 2: smiling is attractive!

You probably have friends around you who are complaining:

“Me, guys never come to hit on me. No man takes the first step towards me. I’m not attractive, or what? ” 

And if you know a little about body language analysis, this woman is closed, has no fantasy in her dress style and worse: her face is closed. She deprives herself of the weapon of massive seduction that is the smile. 

For a man, the smile of a woman is a gateway, an invitation to discussion. It’s like a green light that would mean “I don’t bite, you can come and talk to me. “

Unfortunately, too many women think that smiling and laughing gives an image of an easy woman. Nothing could be further from the truth: you can smile for life, think positively, attract bright, generous men into your life, and choose whether to come home alone or not tonight.

Men can’t resist smiling!

On the other hand, women who close send the wrong signal“I am closed, I am not smiling because I was injured, I no longer trust anyone, I no longer want to suffer”.

Bad vibrations…

But the worst … You know what they say: “who looks alike comes together”. It’s by trying to scare dangerous and unhealthy guys that they cause exactly the opposite. These injured, sad, negative women attract predators, narcissistic perverts, men who see them as victims who are easy to handle.

One more reason for you to trust life and smile to the fullest to attract a good guy!

Feminine quality # 3: Dress like a woman (men are really visual …)

You may have done 10 years of studies, won Nobel Prizes, and lead countries like Prime Minister Sanna Marin in Finland, there is one thing that will not change …

It is because men will remain above all visually exciting beings! This is how it is, biology. Men are on Earth like us, to reproduce. And if our cities and our lifestyles have changed in a few thousand years, our body and our sexuality have not really changed. We remain animals…

Concretely? Men are always looking for visual fertility signals, they will always look for beauty and femininity in a woman.

Lips look fuller (or pretty lipstick), long hair, chest, wide hips (to give life to the child), buttocks to J.Lo: even the most educated men can help you mater admire. 

So do not hesitate to play with your femininity when you dress: your arsenal is vast! From heels that shape your legs to beautiful dresses that enhance your shapes, you can do anything to attract the eye of men.

In addition, the survey carried out in our partner men’s magazine showed a preference for clothing deemed to be feminine: men mainly rated androgynous, street, sports, gothic outfits less well, while they assigned higher ratings to more traditional female outfits, skirt, dress, etc.)

I almost forgot: men are not looking for perfect bodies for models or sportsmen. They want “real women” who are comfortable with their bodies, their image, and their femininity.