How do you know if you’re in love?

Discover some tips to find out if you are in love with your boyfriend or your girlfriend!
At the start of a romantic relationship, feelings are gradually formed. The more you feel good with this person, the more you will want to continue living a story with them, the more your feelings will intensify and strengthen.
If you are wondering if you are in love with your girlfriend or your boyfriend, we have gathered on this page signs that will make you understand how you feel for him / her.
Of course, all couples and all feelings are different and these few signs are indicative.
It will just help you to see a little more clearly, but know that you can also be in love with a person without having all the signs below.

Signs that show you are in love

Remember: these signs are for reference only, you may be in love with someone without feeling all of these signs!

You make projects together
This does not necessarily mean projects over several years (marriage, children …) … it can simply be a travel project, moving in together …

You are inexhaustible at its subject
All your friends and family know that you have a new girlfriend / boyfriend. Indeed you mention his name to all the sauces. You need to talk about him in order to make him exist even when he is not by your side.
And if, unfortunately, one of your friends says something negative about it, you defend him / her body and soul.

You want to know everything
You want him / her to have no more secrets for you: his childhood memories, his passions, his family, his work, his dreams and his doubts … and even his exes!

He / She misses
you You want to see him / her again, even after a very short separation. You forget your friends and family a little more. You somehow become emotionally dependent on the other.

“Out” the faults
You know he / she has faults but you don’t care. You love him as he / she is.
You also want to be a better person.

The heart and the famous butterflies
When you find it you have these famous butterflies in your belly and your heart beats faster.

Goodbye ex
You no longer think of your ex … well, at least the wound is healed and you really want to go ahead with your new partner, your new companion.

You like to sleep together
You like to feel him / her by your side in your bed. You find yourself watching every detail of his face while he sleeps.

His presence soothes you
For you, this person is different from others. When he / she is ready for you, you feel really good. You are also perfectly comfortable with him / her. You can (finally) be yourself and open up to him / her completely.

Present it to everyone!
You only have one desire: to present him / her to your friends and family so that they can discover this adorable person who is now part of your life.

You are afraid of losing it
Life without him / her seems insurmountable. No one else is as important as her / him.

And finally … you want to say “I love you” sincerely!