How long does it normally take a man to fall in love and why do they do it fast?

Today we are going to talk one more time about love . Did you know how long it takes a man to fall in love? Well, most of the time they do it much faster than women, do you know the reason for this? Join us to discover it with us!

Unlike us women, the profile of a man in love is appreciated for miles. Well, when you really feel love for someone you are full of expressions of love towards that special person.

However, just as there are women who find it difficult to express their feelings, there are men who prefer to be more reserved. This class of people, both men and women, do not like to share their emotions on social networks or in front of groups of friends and family.

Luckily, they will let you know in privacy and in the moments they share alone. In these moments, he will show you what his intentions are with you or perhaps he will do it in a subtle way. But, how do we realize these little clues that he is leaving us? How do we know that what you feel is real love? How long does it take for a man to fall in love?

If you have ever wondered when a man is in love how he behaves, continue with us. Next, you will be able to find all the answers you were looking for in this regard.

Important, do not be fooled, if a man tells you I love you making love, it is the result of the moment. This is not always the case, you can simply say it so that in addition to making you feel good, you have the will to be with him again.

What happens when a man truly falls in love?

When a man truly falls in love you can tell for miles, as long as you pay attention to a few signs. If you wonder what they are, we’ll tell you about them right away:

  • He wants to see you again: when a man truly falls in love, he will always want to see you again. He will look for all kinds of excuses to meet you. He may tell you directly, make plans that involve you, or “just happen” to go where you are.
  • He is nervous: if you notice that in front of you he is nervous it is because he has clearly fallen in love with you. Pay attention to whether he blushes, laughs too much, has trouble speaking, or is shy.
  • It has too much energy: this is another one of the signs that you can notice very easily. If you notice that he is too happy and very energetic it is because of his hormonal changes characteristic of falling in love.
  • He does crazy things for you: some can be more or less intense than others, depending on the situation or the context in which they are. For example, he may miss work or class to see you, travel to another country to be by your side, etc.
  • He is watching over you: if he worries all the time to know how you are or if you need something, it is a clear sign that a man has truly fallen in love.
  • Says nice things to you : admires you or says nice things to you. He can also speak highly of you to his friends or family. If he considers you as the ideal person, it is because he is truly in love.
  • He does not stop looking at you: every time you are together you can notice that he does not take his eyes off you. You are the most attractive person in the world for him. Usually he does it unconsciously, but he will not be able to stop looking at you.
  • Smile when he sees you: when a man truly falls in love he will smile every time he sees you. Your body language will be very clear.
  • Express what he feels: sometimes with words, other times with small gestures or details, but he will try to express to you that he has fallen in love with you and will find a way for you to find out about it.

Do men and women fall in love equally?

The answer to this question is that no, men and women do not fall in love in the same way . The reasons that lead us to have this feeling are very different and the way we act too. So how long does it take for a man to fall in love?

There are experts on the subject who say that men fall in love with the eyes and women with the ears. On the one hand, they are looking for someone to look up to. They can even separate love from Lovemaki… much more easily. But what makes them fall in love? How do they act when they have truly fallen in love? How long does it take for a man to fall in love?

Instead, we give much more priority to love and feelings. In this way, we give more priority to the psychological aspects. With this we do not want to tell you that there are no male lovers.

There are studies on this that reveal that men are much more attracted to the physique of women. This makes them see us as an erotic subject. His mind associates our physique with his status. In this way, the more physically attractive we are, the greater their position. It is that his priority will always be social recognition.

However, a woman’s physical attractiveness diminishes over time. By this we mean that it will only be a priority for him during the first stage. Then they need a more comfortable relationship. In this way, they are looking for a woman who can be their “travel companion” and who provides emotional support.

Currently, this panorama is not as stark as it was before. Today, many women have entered the labor market and are no longer satisfied with being mothers and housewives. This made women also begin to focus more on physical attractiveness for social recognition. On the other hand, there are some men who have begun to prioritize psychological aspects over physical attractiveness.

Why do men fall in love faster?

After having understood how men behave when they fall in love, it is also important to know the answer to this question How long does it take a man to fall in love? Why do they fall in love faster?

Men generally live a very cyclical and everyday life . It is mainly based on their friends, work, and whatever hobbies they are interested in. Be it sports, reading, watching television, among others. Faced with this very normal life, meeting a girl or woman they like can mean a positive change for their lives. It is that plus that they were unconsciously yearning for.

Usually, women have a good treatment towards everyone. Some even have to be that way because of their jobs. For this reason, the man, accustomed to living with more men and to his daily life, is surprised by the treatment.

Unfortunately, many men confuse this, believing that the treatment received is seductive , when in reality, it is simply their way of being. Later, if you respond well to a man when he tries to seduce you, he may believe that he really likes you and that is where everything starts.

In this way, men fall in love faster than women because they are more frantic and don’t overthink things . Instead, we are much more cautious about our feelings.

This happens because our unconscious makes us see that we have much more to lose by committing ourselves to the wrong man. Without realizing it, we do it thinking about whether or not we can lose reproductively. For example, if a girl falls in love with the wrong man and becomes pregnant, she will have to raise the child alone.

Another reason why men fall in love faster than women has to do with their animal instinct. The males are the hunters and are immediately stimulated. Instead, we are focused more on long-term stability and not now. But that’s not all, they need to secure the link as quickly as possible to “win or mark territory.”

There are psychologists who have spoken on this topic and many agree that men were raised to be dominant . That is why they tend to say “I love you” before women. We need to feel safe from the person next to us before doing it.

How long does it take for a man to fall in love?

If, on the other hand, you are about to seduce a man or a boy, you may be interested in knowing how long it takes a man to fall in love . Interesting process and for which you must always be ready.

There are certain factors that determine the attraction that a man may have for you. External characteristics like your eyes, hair, and body in general are usually determining factors in quickly attracting a man.

However, that is not the only answer to how does a man fall in love? Personality is a detail that men take into account a lot, even if you don’t believe it.

Although a man can fall in love quickly because of the physique, this spark can also disappear quickly if there is no interest in your personality.

In this way, it may take a while, until they analyze these points of view well in you until they discover how wonderful you are and have no doubt that you are the one for them.

How men behave when they fall in love

When a man says I love you very fast it can mean that he is interested in you . These types of gestures do not usually say it usually if not for people who really care.

Knowing how men behave when and how long it takes for a man to fall in love is very important, whether you are interested in him or not. In these circumstances, they tend to be more attentive, helpful , kind, and empathetic.

Taking into account that, although few, there are men who meet these characteristics , knowing if a boy is secretly in love with you, can be a little more difficult. In case of being in different areas, for example, they do not work or study together, their approach by other means is normal. Like social networks or mutual friends, for example.

Usually, when a man is truly in love , he tends to approach you. He will find a way to meet or meet you in places where you least expect it.

However, there are some men who are more reserved and do not do “crazy love”. They are more cautious and are in the eternal search for the right time to speak. Inadvertently, they miss out on hundreds of opportunities that could lead to the relationship.

What are the stages of infatuation in men?

As we told you before, men and women do not fall in love in the same way. However, beyond wanting to know, how long does it take for a man to fall in love? You may be wondering what are the stages or phases it goes through? Next, we will tell you all of them:

  1. Physical attraction: as we told you before, men are attracted to the physical in its initial stage. His instincts in this phase are rather visual, so he will approach you because he likes how you look.
  2. He wants to know what you feel: during the second stage he will “explore the terrain” to see if he is also attracted to you and if you are interested in him. He may touch your hand to see your reaction or approach you to see whether or not he can continue with his plan to win you over.
  3. Seek attention: once you’ve let him know that he likes you, he will get noticed. He will use everything in his power to keep you from going overboard. He will even try to impress you.
  4. He is detailed: after he has gotten your attention, he will be detailed and will try to make you feel special and protected by his side. His goal is to get you to lower your defenses and fall at his feet.
  5. It shows how it is: by this stage you will also feel things for him, maybe it is love or not yet. At this time it will show itself as it is, in all its essence, without ceasing to take care of you.
  6. Acknowledge what he feels: finally, you have already accepted him as he is. Now she is not afraid to open up to you and acknowledge that she has fallen in love. He may not put it into words, but he will take you for a walk, give you flowers, chocolates, etc.

What kind of love can a man feel for a woman?

A man can feel different types of love for a woman. Not only does he fall in love, but he becomes fond of his surroundings. Whether with your partner, a friend, a mother, a sister, etc. How long does it take a man to fall in love or to feel different types of loves?

Love couple

In a couple there can be all kinds of love. In many relationships we go through almost all of them at some point. In this way, they are:

  • Epithymia (passionate love)
  • Paixnidi (playful love)
  • Mania (possessive love)
  • Anánkē (hapless love)
  • Koinōnía (momentary love)

Brotherly love / friendship

Philia or the love of friends is the bond that unites us with our loved ones. It is a feeling that is built on a friendship and in which there is trust.

For its part, brotherly love refers to the love we feel for our family. There are some psychologists who insist that there is a confusing barrier between these two loves. Well, there are cases where friendship is so great that we consider our friends as part of the family.

Why do men run away when they fall in love? – It’s true?

Has it ever happened to you that you noticed that your boy has fallen in love with you and suddenly runs off? Don’t worry, this is a normal and long-awaited reaction for men when they truly fall in love. If you want to know the reasons, then here we will tell you the most frequent ones.

In this way you will know how your attitude should be in each case. Well, it is key to the future of the relationship of both.

  • They do not want to lose their freedom: when they have realized that they are very much in love, they want everything next to that special person. The problem with this is that they may waste a lot of time that they previously had for themselves.
  • They are afraid of commitment: they may not feel ready to commit yet and therefore prefer to flee. Whether from recent injuries or insecurity, they are afraid of commitment.
  • They are afraid to intensify their feelings: they feel that everything has gone very fast and perhaps it is more than they would like. He wants to get away with the aim of not increasing his affection for you.

So far we come with this super complete guide on how long it takes a man to fall in love and why they fall in love so quickly. We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all the tips that we have shared with you.