How Long Does It Take a Man to Miss You?

Did you break up and still miss your ex?

Or are you simply not talking to your man for a while and wanting to know how long it takes him to miss you?

So in that case, this article will definitely help you.

I’ll show you all the factors involved and how long it takes for a guy to miss you after he’s broken up with you.

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That said, let’s now learn more about how long it usually takes a man to miss you:

How long does it take a man to miss me?

Knowing exactly how long it takes a man to miss you is a little tricky because every human being reacts differently to the end. Some men don’t take long to miss you, and as soon as they’re done in a few days, they already miss you and run after.

After the initial breakup, you may find that he doesn’t even seem to think about you. Your ex will likely be posting pictures of himself celebrating his newfound single status.

Men are completely different from women in many ways, and this is certainly one of them.

While women cry, men still need to process the breakup.

They just don’t realize so quickly what they’ve lost.

And so the time for him to start missing you will depend on a lot of different things.

A certain man might be crying over his ex the second they break up, while another guy might never miss his ex.

Man Misses When It’s Over? Know All About It!

Let’s be honest here, separation is difficult for both parties. It doesn’t matter if he was the one who decided to break up or if it was you. Most of the time, both get hurt. The question that doesn’t want to be silent is: Does the man really miss it when it’s over?

Do men miss their exes? And the answer is: Of course it is.

It’s a fact that every man misses when he’s done. But what few women realize is that it takes a little over 2 full weeks for him to start missing the way you did certain things.

Men almost always tend to show a strong personality to hide their true feelings after a breakup.

Sometimes trying to look mature, sometimes trying to act nonchalant. But sooner or later this facade will fall.

In this next section, we will help you to take a super dive inside a man’s mind so you can understand what happens after separation, through the collective experience of several men we will finally discover if there is a heart where some claim to be a stone.

Now, if you want to learn how to make a man miss you, check out this article on our blog where we talk about exactly that.

When do men start to miss you after breaking up?

Well, that depends. There is no single solid answer to this question.

It could depend a lot on how the breakup went.

What makes a man miss a woman immediately after a breakup is if the relationship was long and stimulating and ended on a pleasant note.

When relationships end due to distance or social/family pressure, the impact can be very heavy on both partners.

Just like women, men will have a hard time dealing with a sudden breakup, especially if it looks like it’s going to last a long time.

Do guys miss their exes even though the ending wasn’t so smooth?

In most cases, the way guys react to a breakup is quite different from how women react, because understanding comes much later.

This is not to say that men are insensitive and never care about the relationship.

Of course, when men have just become single, the common conception of single men being called “takers” makes them think they are now free. As if they were ‘tied up’ before.

However, this feeling of freedom does not usually last long. Once they have exhausted all their efforts to get away from their thoughts of parties, drinking, etc., the token of having really broken up will drop and hit them like a punch in the stomach.

That’s when he starts wanting you back.

Common questions

1. Do men really miss their girlfriends after they break up?

Yes, men definitely miss their girlfriends after they break up. When guys start to miss you after you break up, however, it’s a little more complicated.

It may be immediate if the separation was caused by outside influences. But in most other cases, guys tend to miss their girlfriends a little bit after the girl has already started moving on. This is because guys tend to run away from their feelings and are not good at dealing with the difficult emotions that may be stirring up within them.

2. When it’s over, do they realize what they missed?

Yes, they will eventually realize what they missed once they try to start dating again. Unless a perfect partner comes into their life without them even trying (which is highly unlikely) they will realize that finding a partner is extremely difficult and perhaps they have let a very special person go. When guys see their ex with someone else, they suddenly seem to be in love with their ex again.

3. How do you know if a guy misses you after a breakup?

When guys start asking how you are, when they send you a “How long?” to see how you are doing and when they start to be less active on social media are all signs that he is missing you after he is done.

They may even send you a message like “I miss you, I wish I had treated you better” long after the relationship is over. That’s because they miss the emotional stability that the relationship brought with it.

4. Will he get back to me after he’s done?

If the relationship ended badly, you cheated, or did as bad as that, chances are he won’t come back. And even if he wants to, it might not be advisable, as it would probably end the same way. However, he will start to miss you if the breakup was his fault, if outside influences caused the breakup, or even if it just didn’t work out. In that case, he is likely to think about getting back to you.

The truth is that when a man realizes that he has lost a good woman, he immediately wants to make amends.

Don’t worry, he’ll at least think about wanting you back.

Check out some factors that influence how long it will take him to miss you.

Factors that influence how long it takes a man to miss you


How much he depends on you will be a big influencing factor. If it depends on you to:

  • To listen to him when he’s got a problem
  • financial advice
  • deal with your family
  • Be your emotional support
  • To take care of bills, among many other things

Anyway, the more things he depends on you, the faster he will miss you.

The duration of the relationship

The truth is, the longer a relationship lasts, the faster he will miss you.

This is because he will be more emotionally attached to you.

For example, if you were in a relationship for three years, he will miss you quickly.

However, if you’ve been in a relationship for a few weeks, then he might not miss you.

The kind of relationship you two had

Were you two living together?

Or were you in a long-distance relationship?

The type of relationship the two of you had can make a big difference in determining how long it takes him to start missing you.

The more time you spend together, the faster he will miss you. That’s because you’ve become part of his routine.

If he really loves you

If you were only together, that doesn’t mean he loved you.

Nor does it say how much love there was.

The truth is, the more love there is, the more he will miss you.


While most people think attraction is the same as love, it definitely isn’t.

A man may love you but not be attracted to you. However, the more he is attracted to you, the sooner he will miss you.

What few women realize is that some men will probably never get to that point, especially if you keep bothering them with calls and text messages.

The more distant you are from him right now, the more likely he is to be attracted to you and possibly miss you.

How can he miss something that is in his life every day? Follow these other tips to make sure he starts thinking about you sooner rather than later.

Common questions

How long does it take a guy to regret breaking up?

Men usually start to regret a breakup around 2 to 4 weeks. But remember that this varies from person to person.

Some guys will regret it the next day. Others may take three weeks or more just to process the fact that it’s really over.

How do I know if he’s missing me?

In that case, you will need to be aware of some of the signs he can give. For example:

  • He calls you on WhatsApp all-day
  • He usually hates talking on his cell phone but keeps calling you
  • He lives tagging you in romantic posts on social media
  • Every time you go online he calls you
  • He talks about random topics just to keep the conversation going (whoever?)
  • He keeps talking about plans for when you’re together
  • He is fully active on his social media
  • He suggests a possible video call
  • He responds quickly to your messages.

How do men act after a breakup?

A group of researchers found that men tend to be sad longer after a breakup. It is true that they may take longer to show emotions, but the pain is certainly greater… In this sense, when they lose the woman they considered perfect, they can be in pain for months or even years.

What does a man feel when a woman breaks up?

He is ashamed, frustrated, and weak. At this stage, it is common for recently separated men to approach female friends to seek support.

Why does a man quickly forget a passion?

In general, because they like to discover new things. So in the initial phase of any kind of relationship, they are much more excited.

As soon as they get into a relationship, they are happy to be with a completely unknown and mysterious new woman, but they soon start to lose interest in “love” and want to always be on the lookout for new things.


Some men will miss you the next day. Others will never call again. The length and depth of a relationship play a big role in determining whether he will miss you and how long that will take.