When we want to seduce a man, we often tend to want to do too much or not enough. Indeed, it is one of the big problems of women looking for love or who are currently in a relationship.

You have trouble having the right romantic behavior or rather you have trouble understanding men and adapting to them, this is precisely what you are lacking, which prevents you from really being happy in love. Your intentions are good, you genuinely want to be happy and do it right, so I will help you achieve it.

The goal of this article is to give you the keys to know how to be natural in love and to better understand the male s**x because it is one of your main problems.

With the right advice and the right techniques, you can perfectly achieve your goal of being happy in love, but it still requires effort.

Dating and dating are things that can be learned, it is normal to make mistakes and not really know what actions to take to achieve these goals, but you will quickly be able to change your habits!


Whether you are in a relationship or in a phase of seduction, it is important not to force yourself or to implement actions that do not please us.

Obviously, it’s okay to make sacrifices and not just focus on yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself and act like you don’t expect anything from this relationship.

Many women make the mistake of thinking too much about their man from the start of their relationship and letting him take all of the control, not setting limits, behaving in a way that is different from their expectations and that does not make you happy.

Indeed, there is always this small blockage and it is often the cause of your problems, there is this pressure which prevents you from taking the necessary distance.

You want so much to do well and to be in a relationship, to have a great love story that you panic and that you don’t take the time to take advantage of the person in front of you, you only want to go out of your celibacy and unfortunately you are going much too fast.


It is quite possible to be natural in love and not to be too closed off to always think, to ask yourself thousands of questions because this is how we go wrong.

But despite your goodwill, sometimes you have trouble finding the right words or applying the right techniques, yet they are not that complicated. You can perfectly set them up today.

First of all, you have to understand that you should not see seduction as a direct commitment. You are not yet in a relationship and therefore you should not tell yourself that you are going to end your life with him and that it is necessarily the right one.

On the contrary, it is by forgetting too precise objectives but above all by taking your time, by getting to know him that you will be able to really know if you can go further.

At the same time you will be natural and you will be able to release the pressure that you usually put on your shoulders. Something to seduce while keeping your personality!

If you are already in a relationship, you must understand that you should not be ashamed or afraid to communicate with him and in particular to talk to him about what you feel, about your plans.

I see it in the comments of my website, many women put a certain distance, do not dare to express themselves for fear of losing the person they love… But what to be in a relationship if you are not you -even?

You will still have to fight emotional dependence in order not to have an obsessive relationship. This is an extremely important point.

The more you balance your life, the more natural you will be in love because you will also find your happiness in your outings with your loved ones, in your work, in the image you have of yourself.

So tell me in the comments, what are your tips for seducing or having a happy couple while remaining natural?