How to keep your couple happy? Whatever the age at which the couple was formed, each from birth has their story that they will compare to the other to better appreciate it through its differences and similarities. Over time, the couple evolves. Each in turn, with the arrival of the children, the growing family, the shared pleasures and sufferings, creates a new story.


Through his education, his emotional entourage, the size of his family, his relational network, each member of the couple arrives with a different approach to life, their couple’s expectations, a different vision of the future.

He will live love stories. He will see his family evolved, the world around him will shape him. It will change according to its culture. Depending on the age of their meeting, their experience, their history, their pains, their pleasures, their experiences will be more or less important.
He will have already lived through different stories, may have gone through both moral and physical suffering, it is these stages in his life that will make that on D-Day, the meeting will be possible and will take the form desired by the 2 members of the future. couple.


Each adds what he wants, what he used to do before, and adapts to the other. A new life begins, the 2 take their marks, some merge, others observe each other.

The family is growing, time passes, the availability of the beginning is reduced. The routine settles for years and the 2 evolve in their own way. Living together, the couple is faced with a common reality, obstacles to face together, but above all moments of happiness to share!
However, everyone also evolves individually according to their professional, sporting, friendly, even romantic life, for some. Through encounters, readings, discoveries. Although they are 2, they may in their own way no longer be what they used to be.

With age, every adult changes, when children arrive, when they encounter professional difficulties, or quite simply, because they no longer want to be the same. We will talk about the 40-year-old crisis, but let’s not forget that our ultra-connected world today gives us a vision of ourselves that cannot remain the same!


As a result of all of these changes, the person you loved might not be exactly the same. She evolved as a mother or father, he sometimes took more insurance or vice versa to abandon his responsibilities.

Our body evolves, the way others look at us takes on more importance. Our attitudes can be moderate. This is when you have to communicate, tell the other what you expect from this new life. The man and the woman have different needs, a communication specific to each one.

The woman is all in subtlety, unsaid, the man perhaps direct, without sufficient distance from himself. You have to find ways to pass your expectations to others without hurting them.

His wishes can be s**xual, but also every day. What we liked about each other when we met has probably changed. How to tell him that what we did at the beginning is no longer part of our desires?

How to exchange, announce new desires in a progressive and gentle way?

Everyone must find their own way of communicating in order to understand each other better. Saying “I would like” instead of “you should” is just one step. Communication can be verbal as well as written. You have to take time to transmit to the other your passion for their love, their feelings.
Never forget that the years go by, that we only have one life, and that with our age, we will not necessarily be able to do what we want in the future. It is therefore important to communicate your expectations now so that they can be fulfilled as much as possible!


It is thanks to communication that we can keep our couple happy. The more the couple will have exchanged, transmitted each other’s expectations, the more they will want to continue to share this happiness.

In some cases, this lack of communication can lead to separation, because one of the two will look elsewhere for what he believes he cannot have at home when he has never spoken to say it.

Sharing your expectations means showing others how the future can be common, better together than separate. Our times have evolved, our time is limited, we are no longer a generation that lets go, that waits for what it does not say!

It is not always easy to communicate, regardless of age, an introvert can become expansive and a communicator can close in on himself. The journeys of life make that each evolve in its own way. You have to know how to measure the right moment to turn the situation around and communicate differently.
To facilitate this communication, you have to know how to take a step back, have a lighter look at your relationship. Playing for example, not only between you 2 but especially on a daily basis. A game should not be limited to an organized evening, planned in advance with its constraints, but on the contrary, be experienced according to the moods of each.

It is by making surprises that we preserve the passion, that we keep our couple happy, and the flame that unites us. A surprise is even more successful if it largely meets the non-verbal expectations of the other!