How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend Softly

Breaking up is never easy, but if you’re looking for a gentle way to break up with your boyfriend, you can reduce the storm by saying goodbye in a gentler way.

While it’s not fun, instilling in your boyfriend the idea of ​​going different ways without hurting his feelings is something that can be done successfully if you follow some practical tips.

Moving the “Ball Forward”.

When you know a relationship just isn’t working, it’s time to say something… and it’s always better to say something late than never.

Holding on to your boyfriend just because you’re afraid of being alone or single will cause you more pain in the future.

While there is no pleasant way to end it, it is a necessary part of going your own way.

When you are honest with your feelings and your heart, it benefits both you and him.

It’s not fair to your boyfriend or you to avoid ending the conversation out of sheer fear.

That’s where the bad things happen, like betrayal, fights, apathy, and the change from a serious relationship to a colorful friendship.

How to Break Up With Your Boyfriend Smoothly.

Just like you, your boyfriend has feelings and will likely feel hurt when you break up with him.

However, breaking up with your boyfriend gets a lot easier when you point out all the reasons for your choice.

This requires an appropriate amount of preparation and timing.

Using compassion and talking in terms of what’s best for both of you is important.

Here are the steps to break up with your boyfriend in the best way possible:

Have a Face-to-Face Conversation with Him.

No making a friend go there to talk to him, or break up by text message.

At the very least, tell him you need to talk and try to do so when both of you have plenty of time for lively, active conversation.

A phone conversation is the easiest way if you’re too nervous to do it in person but resist the temptation to initiate the breakup through text messages.

There are reasons to believe that breaking up by message is not a good way to do this smoothly.

First of all, you have a conversation history on your phone, which means you can remember other things you talked about and photos you shared… or someone else can read everything you wrote in full on their phone…

Also, text messages can cause a lot of confusion.

You might think you’re officially single, you might think you broke up with him for good, while he doesn’t think so and is still questioning it.

Break up with him in a discreet place.

Hanging out with him at an event, like a party or any other social event, only to break up will hurt him even more.

For your boyfriend, hearing from you that it’s all over is a stab to his pride and he may need some time to digest the news before he’s ready to go out in public.

It’s a good idea to discuss how you’re going to handle the breakup together, things like changing your relationship status on Facebook and determining whether or not you should be friends.

This type of discussion also shows him that the conversation is serious.

Don’t start dating another man the following week.

Even if you already have another guy on your mind, don’t go around declaring your love for him as soon as you break up with your current boyfriend.

This makes things much more difficult for your ex-boyfriend.

Don’t forget to act exactly the way you told him to.

So if you’ve told him you want some time off dating and need his space, keep your word.

You’ll feel when it’s appropriate to date a new guy.

How to be gentle when telling him.

The way you bring up and talk about breaking up with your boyfriend can have a big impact on the way he takes the news.

To do this subtly, use words and phrases that have a positive connotation.

Try saying and doing things like:

· Ask Him Questions.

Instead of declaring the breakup is your idea, make him feel like it was his idea by asking questions to help him admit that the relationship isn’t working out for him either.

It’s possible that if you’re not satisfied, he isn’t either.

· Say, “We both need to go our separate ways.”

This is one of the best quotes because, in addition to telling him that the two of you will benefit from the breakup, it also encourages him to do just that — move on.

· Express Your Feelings.

Help your boyfriend understand your emotions and why you’ve been feeling that way.

You might say, “I’ve been feeling (insert your emotion or feeling here) for quite some time now, and I think it’s time to sort this out.

I want happiness for both of us and I think it would be better if we ended our relationship.”

· Explain The Thought Process.

Tell how you came to that decision to break up and why you decided to do so at this point.

Say, “I’ve been thinking about this for (insert amount of time here), and I know ending our romantic relationship is the healthiest choice for me right now)”.

· If He Gets Annoyed Or Furious, Say:

“I understand that this is difficult, and I feel (emotion or feeling) too, but I know this is the best decision for me right now.”

· If He Disagrees, Say:

“I know this is hard, but I’ve made up my mind and I know this is the best decision for me right now.”

· If He Doesn’t Understand, Give Examples:

“Although I have resolved some incidents, I don’t feel like I’m getting what I need from this relationship and I think it would be better to end our relationship.”

Share why you came to this decision.

· Tell Why You Decided to Break Up.

Don’t forget to say that you’ve thought through all of this meticulously and know that this is what you want.

· If he says he wants to fight for the relationship and work things out, say:

“I’ve made up my mind and spent a lot of time thinking about our relationship. I know this is bad now, but this is what I want.”

· If He Refuses To Understand, Say:

“I know this is difficult, so let me know when you think you’re ready to discuss this.”

Having a conversation with someone who isn’t ready to listen doesn’t work.

You’d better wait until he’s ready to discuss the details of the breakup.

· If You Decide To Remain Friends:

Many couples choose to remain friends after separation.

If that’s what you want, you can say, “I know this is painful right now, but I’d like to remain your friend after this phase passes. Let me know what you think about it.”

Give Him Space To Get Over The End.

Delivering the breakup news softly and gently is the best way to get over the breakup quickly.

Remember that giving him the space he needs during the breakup is also the right thing to do.

So be prepared to stop calling and texting, even if it’s painful for you.

In time, you will see that you can be friends with him again.