How to confess your feelings?

Whether in the movies or in real life, it has never been easy to admit your feelings. And it is even worse for women, most of whom do not have the courage to take the first step. If you are faced with this kind of situation, do not panic. We are going to reveal the best techniques that exist to help you declare your love to the man in your life.

Wait for the right time

You can’t declare your flame to someone when you see him on the street. It could be in a hurry, or you might get in the way. Choose a time in private, where you are both relaxed, like on a walk or in a cafe, for example.

There is never a good time, however

You will never come across the “perfect moment”. It will not happen. In the end, you’re going to have to tear off the bandage and cash it out. Tell them your feelings as soon as possible. The more you put off delaying telling her how you feel, the more difficult it will be. If you let too much time pass, you risk imagining yourself negative scenarios, and you will gradually move away from reality.

Don’t tell others

Confessing love to someone is a tricky thing. Even if you feel the need to tell your loved ones about it, don’t do it. Others can influence you with their ideas. Also, people who don’t want to see you suffer could try to convince you that it’s a bad idea; but this is not the case ! Follow your gut and do what you think is right. And no, that doesn’t make your label an easy girl.

You will feel a little stressed, but it’s normal

Your heart will pound and your stomach will smear. A crazy rush of adrenaline will pass through your body and this is completely normal. Just try to relax and calm down.

Don’t think about your future together right away 

Now is not the time to think about projects like aging together, having children and living happily ever after. For now, be rational and just expect a response, whether positive or negative. I know this is difficult to put in place, but try as much as possible not to be too optimistic: you will risk being very disappointed if rejected.

Don’t admit your feelings in a letter

It may be tempting to do it by text or messenger, but it will reduce your chances of getting a positive reaction from him. For the other person, this can result in a lack of courage.

In addition, the risk of self-correction or misunderstanding is so high that it can make you dizzy. In addition, if unfortunately, it is a malicious person, he could use your letter to show off to his friends, or use it against you. As we always say, the word flies away, but the writings remain.

Use other techniques

Rather than yelling, “I love you! »The next time you see it, try to get the message out discreetly. You can, for example, ask him why he likes spending time with you before telling him why you like his company. It is also a good technique to know if he is in love with you. Some people are very afraid of engagement, much more than they imply, and if you embark on a love affair, you risk driving them away.

Speak clearly, but be laid back

You should clearly tell him how you feel, without stuttering. But don’t put too much pressure on him, as it might scare him. Instead, be laid back and don’t look too serious. It is an experience that you will not live very often, so enjoy it!

Memorize your script well

Before meeting him, you should have a clear idea of ​​what you are going to say to him. However, don’t stupidly memorize your script, otherwise, you will end up expressing yourself like a robot, without emotion. And that is a very bad declaration of love!

Rejection is a possibility and it doesn’t matter!

He may not feel the same for you, or he may not be looking for anything serious. Either way, you should already be thinking about the possibility that he will reject you. In the end, rejection doesn’t matter. Without failure, you cannot evolve. Each time you are rejected, you take one more step towards meeting the man in your life. With experience, you will have no trouble recognizing the good.