The four stages of a breakup

Love is, it seems, the most beautiful of feelings: it gives meaning to our lives.

Loving and being loved in return is a wonderful experience However, even the most beautiful of romantic relationships can come to a point of no return.

This is when we find ourselves completely helpless (and especially depressed) to have to manage a pain that we did not expect.

If you came to consult this article, it is without because you have to face a romantic breakup .

Know that before you succeed in turning the page, you will have to go through four steps, here they are:

The first step in the breakup

The first step is a shock. It’s the first reaction we all have when we find that our relationship has just fallen apart.

This feeling is completely normal because it is difficult to know when and why a relationship will end.

The shock rarely lasts more than a few days, it quickly leads to the second stage.

The second stage of the breakup

The next step is denial. Not easy to admit that our idyllic relationship could have ended…

We are trying to convince ourselves that there is still a tiny chance that everything will start again as before.

We tend to think that everything will work out and that the problems that led to the breakup are not so serious.

In reality, disputes so deep that they lead to separation cannot disappear with a snap of the fingers.

The third stage of the breakup

Depression. Feeling at the bottom of the gulf after a rupture, there is nothing more normal.

After all, I do not know many people who hold a form of thunder after a similar upheaval!

You will tell me that it is easier said than done, but the only way to go beyond this third step is not to focus on your break up, it will not help you.

Go out, change your ideas, but don’t be alone to get depressed.

The fourth stage of the breakup

The last step: acceptance. Sometimes the best way to recover from a breakup is to step back and accept things as they are, that is, to get to know the idea that our relationship was not made for last.

Be happy to find out before you go any further. Of course, it will take you time to fully digest this break, but don’t despair!

Once you have gone through these four stages following a breakup, you will be ready to turn the page and get back on the saddle for new adventures and – why not? – welcome a new Jules…