Do you have a friend and are wondering what exactly is the nature of your feelings towards this person? If you are asking yourself this question, it means that you are feeling something more than friendship. It is true that the line between friendship and love is very thin. If you want to know the depth of your feelings and whether they are mutual, there are certain signs you need to distinguish.


When you’re in love with your friend, it’s hard to go and ask him or her directly whether or not he or she feels something for you as well. In addition, by doing this if your feelings are not mutual, you risk jeopardizing your friendship and thus creating discomfort between you. If you hold on to this friendship even though you have a feeling of love, you should watch these signs before you think about taking a step towards him or her.

  • You can tell in someone’s eyes if he or she loves you with more affection than friendship. In order not to be unmasked, he or she may well hide his or her feelings from everyone, but as soon as he or she thinks that no one is seeing him, he / she can’t help but stare at you. It is even possible that it is not you who detect this kind of glance in your frozen lover, but someone else besides the two of you. Indeed, the person may also be afraid to reveal their feelings.
  • Communication with a person in love is very different. She likes to give you compliments. She prefers to do projects together with you. In addition, when she speaks, what she says always has a double meaning or contains innuendos.
  • One can also take jealousy as a sign. However, a person who has great affection for you can also be fierce towards you. But, an individual in love is only jealous of people who have the same s**xes as him. That is, if you are a woman, he suspects all the men who approach you. And if you are a man, she shows her claws whenever there is a woman talking to you or charming you. Jealousy is a difficult feeling to hide. But you just need to know how to distinguish it.


We cannot lie to each other, there are very close and very tactile friendships too. However, there is a big difference between this kind of friendship and love. If your friend has a habit of coming to your aid with every problem, this is not a sign that he or she is crazy about you. This is a solidarity action to get your friend out of a problem.

  • Someone who talks to you like a boyfriend and chaffers you all the time doesn’t mean they’re in love with you. She may very well be the type of individual who enjoys teasing his friends and that is a sign that he or she appreciates you. However, if he doesn’t have these habits with his other friends and only does it with you, you may also have questions. She might like to provoke you to infuriate you because she finds you handsome or beautiful when you are angry.
  • Some people are very tactile in life even with their friends. This is no reason to come to a hasty conclusion that she has a feeling of love with you. You have to make a clear difference, whether she acts the same with all her friends or only with you. If this character is exclusively for you and she can’t help but touch you. You can already rejoice that there is eel under the rock. But before going any further, look for the other signs so as not to go wrong.

A false interpretation can quickly destroy your relationship. Indeed, if your feeling is not shared, in order not to make you suffer, your friend can take some distance. Especially if he’s already in a relationship with someone else, it can become a problem and can definitely cut off what was between you.


Whether in love or in friendship, it is about complicity and support. Whatever happens in life, a friend is always there. With friends you can laugh, cry, chat, listen, do whatever you want. In a friendship, you trust and respect yourself. Whether everything goes well or everything goes wrong, we always share it with friends.

However, we also feel these sensations in love. You will love to share everything with the person you love. Whether it’s your joy, your unhappiness, your difficulty, or the smallest thing that makes you happy. On the other hand, with a friend you cannot feel s**xual desire. This is the big difference between these two feelings.

So if you have a friend and you need to know if he or she is in love with you. You can’t tell it apart with what you share in your relationship. The only way is to detect an attraction between you. It is a very difficult feeling to hide because if you put on an attractive garment her eyes cannot help but shine. Or if you show yourself off in front of him (her), he (she) cannot help admiring you or on the contrary he knows a feeling of unease.

In short, a pure friendship never mixes with a physical attraction. If you feel or detect this kind of feeling towards one of your friends, it means that you have a crush on her. But before you do anything, always wait until you receive a sign that it is reciprocated, there is always the risk of an unrequited feeling that can put your friendship at risk.


Do you have a longtime friend and share everything that is going on in your life with her? Recently you have wondered whether or not you are in love with this person. Once you start asking yourself this question, chances are your feelings will start to change. So, to be sure that you want to be in a relationship with your friend, you have to ask yourself questions.

  • The first is: do you think about this person all day long? If so, how do you think about her? If you think of her in bed and you get a chill just from the thought, you can be sure that you are starting to be drawn to that person.
  • On the other hand, if you think you are in bed with this person, but the idea makes you laugh or dislike you, do not risk going further. You will have no chance of having a married life with your friend. You only have a great friendship which cannot turn into a feeling of love.
  • One last thing, when you go to meet this person, do you pay attention to your dress? Indeed, if you feel a friendship, you don’t really care if you look attractive or not in the eyes of your friend. On the other hand, if you put more time than necessary in front of your cupboard before going to join it, it is also a sign.

Whether on your side or on his side, these questions may answer the remaining doubts. A person in love thinks about his beloved all the time, a person in love pays attention to his image in front of the chosen one of his heart.


We all know that if you are reading this article it is because you are wondering about the true nature of your feelings towards a friend in particular. And indeed, if you have a crush on him / her, you will like to know the nature of his family as well.

In your quest, you can seek help from another person who revolves around you. This person can get an outside perspective on both of you by being objective. Moreover, if you trust your own feeling, you can have a false interpretation, because it is well known that a person in love is very susceptible by any mark of attention.

Once you have the answer to your question, now is the time to make a decision. What exactly do you want with this person? Are you ready to stay as a friend despite your feelings? Of course, this question arises if this is not a shared feeling. You want to stay and act as usual or you want to talk about it. Whether it is the first or the second solution, there is always a risk.

If you continue to act normally, you may suffer martyrdom because your friend can tell you about her romantic relationships. On the other hand, if you do talk about it, your relationship can change completely, either your friend takes a distance for fear of hurting you, or he does not act as naturally as before. That’s why falling in love with your friend is a bad idea.