How to have a beautiful wife

Are you single or just divorced and now looking for a beautiful woman. In this article, we will explain how to have a beautiful woman, the one you like, who has the beauty characteristics you are looking for. We do not promise to find Miss France, but at least the miss who will correspond to the chosen one of your heart. What are these 10 criteria that define a woman’s beauty?


Women color their hair, so we’re going to talk here about natural hair color and not colorings. Women have hair of a color that varies according to their ethnicity.

If you are looking for a Mediterranean or North African, you are often going to find women with black or brown hair.

If you are looking for a sub-Saharan African, you will be more the frizzy type with brown hair.

If you are looking for an Asian, it is more straight and dark hair.

In the Nordic countries and eastern countries, you will rather have the choice with blondes.

With coloring obtained in stores like L ‘Oréal Paris, women can adapt their hair color to suit your tastes, but we still advise you to choose a beautiful woman according to her natural hair color.


Hair comes in different sizes for women, very short hair, shoulder-length hair, long hair, and full back. The shape of the hair whether straight, wavy, or curly also defines a role in the size.

Depending on your tastes, you, therefore, have the choice according to these different sizes, which your woman can adapt with hair extensions and locks in very varied colors. Feminine beauty takes into account this criterion which will be part of your requirements.


You will choose a beautiful woman, a woman that you will look in the eyes and who will have to satisfy you in her visual beauty. Besides the fact that women can have brown, blue, green, or gray eyes, they highlight their natural color by applying makeup around the eye area. Blue eyes with green eye shadow will give a different look than a woman who has brown eyes and puts on blue eye shadow. When you go to choose a beautiful woman according to the criterion of the color of the eyes, be sure to look at the whole feminine gaze which says a lot about their inner beauty. Also, beware of women who mislead the color of their eyes by putting colored contact lenses in them.


A round face, an oval face, a long face, so many face shapes that will make beauty not the same. To choose a beautiful woman, see if her face looks like you if it reflects in you the desire to say yes to her, you are pretty. When you go to meet the woman you have chosen, it is not a question of telling her pity your face is too long, no that you had to think about it before offering her a date.


Mixed marriages are commonplace these days. Some men prefer blacks, others Asians, others Hindus, and others Norwegian. The tastes and the colors do not argue as we usually say. So if you are going to choose a beautiful woman, choose her according to her skin color, the one you like with whom you will live together. It’s not about noticing the skin color after marriage and telling your bride that you actually don’t like black people.


Plump, thin, thick, or simply invisible lips give feminine beauty a whole new air. You will embrace your choice of beauty, it will be on the lips, it has to make you want it. The aestheticism of the woman takes this criterion into account, you will even find women who do operations only to make their lips swell and attract certain men with it. So gentlemen, be natural and look at the lips.


A snub nose, an aquiline nose, a hooked nose, a little detail that can say a lot about the personality of the woman you are going to choose. In this article, doctors explain that the shape of the nose determines the character traits of women.

You will therefore have several choices of women and depending on the character you prefer, it’s up to you to choose the shape of the nose that goes with it. The beauty of women takes this criterion into account.


The famous inner beauty, we can not write an article on beautiful women without talking about this beauty that is born in the intelligence of women. Would a pretty woman who does not know how to cook, who does not know how to drive a car, or even who will not be able to raise your children to accept you? Inner beauty is a big part of your choice of a beautiful woman, a quality criterion. Chanel once said that “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”.


Are you going to choose a beautiful woman, taller or shorter than you? Overall height is a predominant choice for men, generally, the girls seen on television are over 5 feet tall, and what size do you prefer to consider a woman beautiful? The waistline, rather fat or thin? Another factor of weight for your choice of the physique.


You are not going to speak the language of flowers with your wife, but the language she can speak, Russian women are pretty but will you be able to live with a Russian given her language? So a pretty woman, you will choose her because you will be able to speak to her in a language understandable to both of you. The more you understand each other, the prettier you will find her.