When to say “I love you” for the first time in a relationship?

First of all, I would like to congratulate you! You are in a relationship and surely happy if you wonder when to say “I love you”. Like all the first times, your first “I love you” will be full of feelings.

You are surely full of uncertainties but also full of happiness and envy. So to find your way in this ocean of doubt, here is my little guide to help you say “I love you” for the first time.


You surely remember the first time you kissed someone. All the first times are unforgettable and your first “I love you” is, therefore, one of them.

Saying “I love you” to someone is very easy. Everyone gets there. But then why am I writing this guide to help you navigate it? It’s simply because even if these few words are easy to say, there are plenty of tips to make this moment even more magical.

And then you also want to remember that as a good point, not something that embarrassed you.


Personally, I believe there is a good time to say “I love you”. When I said “I love you” the first time to my husband, I immediately felt that it was a perfect time, the perfect opportunity to tell him my feelings.

As you read this article, I think you too are nearing that perfect moment. You are surely feeling something strong and deep for your boyfriend or girlfriend.


The first “I love you” in a romantic relationship is a bit like the holy grail. It really is a sensation to be able to look the man you love in the eye and tell him how you feel.

So don’t waste this moment by saying “I love you” too soon. You may regret it. On the contrary, take your time, let your relationship and your feelings grow. And once you really can’t hold back, let go!

If you say I love you too soon you risk making this sentence trite. You take away her romantic side. Your sweetheart might think that you say “I love you” to every man you meet after just a week. This is not true love.


Here are 5 tips to help you say I love you without making fun of yourself or breaking your beautiful relationship. Take my advice and you should be fine. Good luck!

1. When you are super happy

How do I know if I’m in love? This is a question we often hear or read often on forums. In 90% of cases, they are young women or men who have never met their true love. So they don’t know what being in love means.

But I assure you that you will find out when you are in love for real. No doubt about it.

The signs that show you are in love are not deceiving:

  • You smile all the time
  • You want to spend every second by your baby’s side
  • You think of him when you sleep when you eat when you are in school,… In short all the time!
  • You want to tell him how happy he makes you.

If all of the above signs apply to you, then you are in love for real. Go ahead and confess your love for him.

2. When you have spent at least 3 weeks together

I recommend always waiting until you have spent at least 3 weeks together before saying I love you. You have to at least have seen each other 8-10 times to get to know him well and really put a name to your feelings.
Three weeks is often enough time to know if you are in love or just a friend. Just because you spend a lot of time together doesn’t mean you’re in love.

Don’t tell her I love you too soon, but don’t wait 2 months to tell her how you feel, either. If neither of you says I love you after 1.5 months, chances are you’re just friends.

3. When you’re ready to take the next step

Once you tell her “I love you” there is no way back. The first time we say I love you in a relationship is a big step. This often means that you are officially in a relationship. This means that he is now your boyfriend and that you have just taken the first step in your romantic relationship.

Once again, congratulations! But be careful, if you don’t want to make your relationship too serious yet, don’t confess your love to her right now. Wait a bit until you feel some more feeling and love for him.

4. When you are sure you really like it

Perhaps the most obvious for the end? But it is so important that it must be said. Never say “I love you” to someone without really feeling it.
It is extremely important that you are sure of your feelings. Is it love or is it just a deep friendship?

It is often young couples, those who have never known love before, who have the most doubts. Is it really love that I feel or is it just friendship?

Be sure of your shot before you say I love you to your boyfriend.


It is often the man who goes first and says “I love you” for the first time. But society is moving more and more towards equality between men and women and so there is nothing weird about letting women take this first step and confess their love.
The most important thing is that the two are on the same wavelength. So again, make sure your partner has the same feelings before you say I love you.

Also, don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a response immediately. Especially if your boyfriend is young, he might be feeling surprised and not knowing what to say. He’ll probably just stammer something, blush, and feel uncomfortable.
But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. On the contrary! Maybe your “I love you” just opened his eyes and he also realizes how much he loves you. But he needs time to sort out his feelings and thoughts.