How to keep your man: The 5 tips from experts to achieve it

Living together consists of trusting each other, making compromises, but above all loving each other with unconditional love. This love must however be maintained, in order to last. When the woman becomes attached, she absolutely tries to maintain the relationship. Although she has been in a relationship for a long time or has just found her soul mate, she will certainly face this need for maintenance.

As for women who get back together (once again) with their other half, the question becomes recurrent: How to keep her man? When you do everything to get your sweetheart back , you have to stop him or her from leaving at all costs. According to a study on romantic relationships in France, it was concluded that six out of eight French people are really in love. We must, therefore, find a way to keep this passion. Discover the top five tips to help you live lifelong love with your partner.

Get out of the routine

How to keep your man? One of the biggest mistakes women make when in relationships is practicing monotony. It is obvious that an attendance must be based on well-defined rules and habits. However, that should not prevent you from trying your luck in other areas. The goal is therefore to explore new horizons. If your loved one had known you before, they would notice a change in your behavior.

There are many ways to refresh your relationship. The one that often works is your ability to make impulsive decisions. It is not a question of doing “bad” follies, like showing up at work unexpectedly. Your mission will be to find ideas that will positively surprise your darling. When you live in an endless routine, your companion will be very receptive to trying new experiences.

First, take stock of your favorite hobbies. You will thus be able to better target the activities to be offered or imposed on it. Eh yes ! Sometimes you have to force things to get the results you want. It may happen that your other half is reluctant. Try to convince him in a subtle way. In the event that you have no idea of ​​your significant other’s pleasant occupations, then you should question them. Ask him what he likes to do or what he has never dared to do. This little discussion will allow you to make a list of a variety of activities for two. Also put your own to extend the repertoire, because the pleasure must be shared.

You therefore have in your possession, several occupations which ask only to be carried out. It will then be enough for you to make a programming to surprise your companion. However, the goal is not to offer an activity every week. You can, at a pinch, organize them once a month. Don’t schedule them too close together, as this may turn them into another routine. Your spouse should not actually feel that he is being subjected to a totally anticipated program.

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Frequency is therefore essential to meet this challenge of novelty. To better follow the planning of activities, you can take stock of your last outings. Were they too simple? Did you feel embarrassed? Was your darling evasive? Did you have the impression that the last one was the exit too many? If the answers to these questions are yes, then now is a good time to innovate with one of the activities on your list. He will surely be excited when you tell him that you are going for a hike or a weekend trip.

You can then surprise him by preparing a special dish for him. Even if you are not a professional cook, he will appreciate your effort and thank you in one way or another. Don’t think of going out of the way by trying to cook up a fancy meal for her. You will have wasted time and the result would be a disaster. What good would it be to make all your efforts, so that your love cannot finally enjoy it? So choose a simple dish that is out of the ordinary. You will not be exhausted and can easily suggest other activities for the rest of the evening.

You must, therefore, try to make him experience new sensations, through your fantasies and hers. How to keep your man? Surprise him. You will be amazed at how a new activity can rekindle the flame.

How to keep your man? Avoid emotional dependence

When you are in a relationship with your old loved one again, you are often in fear of reliving his rejection. This feeling then leads you to want to prove your love to him. So you start to be too intrusive, with messages or calls every two hours. Now know that this behavior is slowly pulling you away from your other half.

To the question of knowing how to keep her man, one of the answers is to retain an element of mystery, which will always make him admire you. Although complicity is one of the pillars of a lasting relationship, it is also important to raise questions in your partner.

For this, you will need to establish a small distance which will be very beneficial for your relationship. This will give you stories to tell you later. Don’t automatically talk to her about recent encounters or hang-ups at the office, for example. Find yourself a new passion without, however, telling him. He will then be interested in your activities, since you are not continually glued to him.

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How to keep your man while avoiding emotional dependence? You must have other occupations that will prevent you from invading your spouse’s space. 52% of French couples say that it is necessary to take time for yourself regularly.

They also believe that you have to allow yourself at least one day in the week, without having your other half around. This decision will then cause, in your darling, a feeling of lack. He will be much more enthusiastic to find you, since he will know that he is not (too) essential to your development. All men have a soft spot for these women who value themselves, without depending on their halves.

Also, try not to expose him your whole life on a platter. Only inform him of a few changes. He will have time to discover those who are still unknown to him.

Keep the sensuality and desire

How to keep your man? We must maintain the desire. It’s no secret. Passion is the real foundation of a union. Attraction to you can cause your spouse to stay close to you until death does part you. According to a British study published in 2015, lasting romantic relationships are nourished by small daily attentions, demonstrated by actions and words.

In your married life, you must try to make your partner want you all the time. It is obvious that you are now the one he will introduce to his friends and family. However, don’t take it for granted. It would be enough, in fact, of a very small absence of passion in your couple, for it to take the loose powder.

You must bear in mind that man is a born predator. In general, he has a perpetual need to take up challenges to express his virility. It is the same for his emotional life. It would be a big mistake to show your sweetheart that he has totally acquired you (even if he is). His desire to surprise you or to please you will naturally decrease.

The best course of action is to keep this sensuality and this attraction that he has for you since you met. How to keep your man? Just make yourself beautiful and be attractive. Change your wardrobe and try on in front of him. Renew your lingerie and favor very erotic sets. For a business date or an outing with friends, for example, put on a piece of lingerie that he loves and make him notice it. Your outfit should also highlight you.

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You must be able to arouse his curiosity. He must feel like you can escape him at any time. Since your intention is to rekindle the flame, you must be careful not to overdo it, to avoid creating excessive jealousy. Know how to put your plan into action at strategic times. The most important thing is to show your missing partner that you are always ready to play the game of seduction.

Another approach is to make yourself s**xually desired. Do not always rush when he calls you in distress. He must understand that you also have new priorities. Sometimes deny him s**x when he asks for it, but find another alternative. It’s just about not always giving in to the moment. You can turn him on later or a few hours later, why not? The goal is not to let it take over indefinitely.

Likewise, surprise him by requiring him to have s**x in unusual places. He certainly won’t expect it. Say sweet words to him during a date with acquaintances or a dinner with your families. These little follies will only make him love you more. He will appreciate this mischievous side of your personality. In general, men seek a half who can be faithful to them, while bringing them this part of the enigma.

Be attentive and understanding

When you ask yourself How to keep her man, you must first answer a question: is he happy with me? This answer will help you better focus on your goal. More than 50% of people are ready to change to maintain the relationship with their other half. If you had once already lost him, but he came back out of love, then you must make him happy by all means.

You just have to be attentive and detect his desires. In this case, always favor dialogue. Ask your love what he would like to do, what he would like to eat, if he has had a good day. Your man embodies virility, but he is also very fragile. He needs to feel loved and important to you. Do not hesitate to ask him for a hug, to caress him during your evenings together or to offer him gifts, without providing any explanations. A poll in London shows that couples live longer together when they give each other compliments, for whatever reason. Do this without being too intrusive and he will be smitten with you.

At the same time, surprise her. You are certainly in a better position to learn about some of his tastes and passions. So don’t be shy about showing your love that it’s one of your priorities. Show him often that he comes before some of your obligations.

Then try to be understanding. When you notice that he doesn’t feel like talking, don’t overdo it. He doesn’t necessarily flirt with another woman. Just like you, your man sometimes needs to be alone to achieve some of his goals. You don’t have to be around him all the time to make him happy. He may want, at some point, to flourish without you. Individual development is also one of the secrets to maintaining a lasting relationship.

So allow your spouse to discover new passions. Let him meet strangers and allow him to go for walks without you. There is no better method, than to create a distance, to finally find each other better. How to keep your man and make him madly in love? Take care of him, listen to him, respect him, and adapt to his expectations.

Challenge yourself

To know how to keep your man, you must also take stock of your relationship. Your relationship has undoubtedly overcome some obstacles in the past. It is therefore up to you to detect the flaws that can prevent you from being happy together.

The problem may be with your spouse. In this case, you will have to rework the way you throw stones at him. You have to admit that he is not perfect and that he has the right to make mistakes, just like any human being. So take stock of your arguments. Then you have to judge, in a neutral way, the behavior you adopt when he commits recklessness. If you are not able, do not hesitate to seek advice from certain people. This will give you a clear idea of ​​your mistakes. However, avoid notifying that you are one of the actors in the story. Just pay attention to the opinions of others about the different situations you will be explaining.

You might have an angry temper that your other half can’t stand. Your impatience can exasperate him and make him leave (again). Otherwise, you have this habit of not reacting to the situation, or you are not able to expose your feelings. You need to be able to improve yourself and deal with your relationship issues peacefully.

There is no point in holding a grudge against your other half in the medium to long term. You hurt each other and walk away. Even if he does not automatically recognize his fault, always favor dialogue. Make him understand your feelings and show him that he is mainly at fault. Remember, you are the part of the couple that needs to show more gentleness than brutality. He will appreciate your gesture and will surely apologize when you adopt this method in the event of a conflict.

When you are the real cause of your arguments, you will have to change and try to put things right at all costs. List your habits that your partner cannot accept. They can certainly be improved or eliminated. Sometimes you have to make concessions to restore harmony and joy in a relationship. Challenge yourself to save your marriage.

You need to understand that you are no longer alone, and that it is important to make progress, in order to restore trust between you. After identifying your faults, you will, therefore, remedy them and notify your darling. As always, actions are better than words. Show him that you are a new person, willing to focus on the harmony of your couple, and be his half, forever.

How to keep your man? With this expert advice, you have a clear idea of ​​what to do and what to do. You are now well equipped and ready to take action to save your relationship from failure. So reconcile intimacy and passion to create desire. Accompany them with determination and respect. In the end, the most important thing is to make each other happy, because without happiness his love will fade.