How to know if he is cheating on me: The 5 signs that never deceive

In married life, infidelity is one of the worst betrayals. Everyone is afraid of being cheated. This fear sometimes leads us to have false ideas. You give meaning to details that don’t matter. And we can also sometimes miss the point. Everything you need to know about infidelity in a couple: what are the 5 signs to watch absolutely? We give you all the keys to see clearly!

He changed his ways

There are two scenarios for properly evaluating changes in habits. Whether you live together or not, you will need to be aware of different events. We examine both hypotheses for you. Position yourself according to your personal situation.

We live together: how do I know if he’s cheating on me?

It is the ideal position to observe the behaviors of a man. You have to be vigilant to the smallest details! The devil is often hidden in the details… Changes in habits can affect various areas of daily life.

The work schedule

You know very well the professional constraints of your spouse. What time does it start in the morning? What time does it end? What hours does he take transport? … There are many points of vigilance. The longer you have lived together, the more benchmarks you will have.

The slightest change is significant. Above all, however, do not jump to conclusions. We must remain vigilant for a certain period of time. Are these changes taking hold? Does it remain punctual? Can these changes be motivated by a professional change of course? Answer these questions lucidly and don’t get carried away at the first opportunity.

When you have suspicions of infidelity, you have to be insightful in the long term. When you spot a change, don’t immediately report it to your partner. Let it live without making any remarks, this is how you can get a better idea of ​​reality. If you are in doubt immediately, he will be suspicious and you will not be able to pierce him to date.

Clothing habits

A man who has an extra-marital relationship will put a strain on his physique. It is observed in the vast majority of cases. He will start by making purchases when it was not in his habits. He will make efforts to seduce and please.

If your partner changes his look, tries to look younger, more dressed, there is often another woman behind. He starts wearing shirts when he was used to polo shirts and t-shirts? Does he buy several new costumes at once? Is he renewing his dressing room?

All of these signs should alert you. And, it may very well associate you with certain choices! So be careful, just because he asks for your opinion doesn’t mean he does it for you. He may very well need a feminine gaze to reassure him about his new choices.

On the other hand, if your partner is used to taking care of him, there is no reason to be alarmed. What is meaningful is everything that changes with regard to his usual behavior.

Involvement in household chores

Behavior changes can also affect your investment in your home. He used to cook long? Did you have common time devoted to the maintenance of the house? Did you two go shopping? You had your little household routines and he no longer takes part in the same way.

It is a sign of disengagement on his part. You have to be very careful about it. Avoid blaming him at first. To know the end of the story, you will need to be a little patient. Observe it over time. He may go through a little moment of weariness.

And above all, avoid triggering arguments. Your goal is not to create disorder in the house, but to find the end of the story. If domestic life is synonymous with arguments, this will give him even more excuses to look elsewhere.

So be understanding, take it with humor, and associate it with tenderness. This is not always easy, but you will have to avoid causing additional stress.

The exits

Was he always up for a movie, a restaurant, an exhibition? He has become reluctant to go out and increasingly refuses to share moments of relaxation with you. It is quite worrying. There may be an objective reason. But if nothing else has changed in his life, it’s a red flag.

How to know if he’s cheating on me? There can be several causes for this type of behavior change. Above all, if he is in another relationship, he has less need to do these types of activities with you. It’s logic.

But on the other hand, he may fear that we see you together. if he is cheating on you, he may be telling the other woman that nothing is working out between you. she should not be able to meet you quietly at a table in love or hand in hand on the way out… You understand?

We live apart: how do I know if he’s cheating on me?

If you don’t live together, the task is a little less easy. But you can also be vigilant in the same way to certain details.

Schedule change

You have surely created regular dates since your meeting. If, suddenly, he is no longer available at the times when you used to see you, it is a point of alert.

Change of look

You will not be able to observe its dressing room and its cupboards on a daily basis. But watch the efforts he makes. Are they unusual?

He becomes distant

Physical distance

Did you use to kiss each other when one of you left the house? Did you hold hands when you were out for a walk? Did you fall asleep huddled together? Whatever the peculiarities of your relationship, there are always signs of tenderness in a couple that are expressed physically.

Taking a physical distance means that he no longer has the same needs for you. He has surely filled them with another. As with changing habits, don’t get carried away at the first opportunity. Be observant but silent at first. This is how you will win the game. Good things come to those who wait for!

Moral distance

Proximity in a couple is measured in particular at the level of exchanges and discussions. Does your companion no longer share his thoughts on the world, on life? Does he no longer share his joys and sorrows with you? Was there a problem in his family and you learned about it from someone else?

These are all signs of distancing. And you may have noticed that he writes you fewer messages in a day, that his calls are fewer. He no longer seeks your advice in the same way and even keeps you away from certain issues.

How to know if he’s cheating on me? If you live together, this distancing will manifest itself in a less meaningful presence at home. He can be there without being there: he spends his time in front of the TV, in front of his computer when you used to chat.

He may even be less physically present as well. His jogging will last longer, he will linger on the way home. It won’t necessarily be at these times that he cheats on you. But he expresses that his presence at home weighs on him.

His relationship to his phone betrays him

The cell phone has become the couple’s biggest accomplice in infidelity. You must be fully aware of this. If you have any doubts about your partner’s loyalty to you, all the answers to your questions are surely on their phone. However, several problems arise in this area!

You do not have access to his phone

You do not know his code to unlock the phone and it has always been like that. In itself, that is not a problem. And you don’t need the code to observe its behavior. We give you the clues to observe to see if his relationship to his phone has changed:

  • He recently changed the code because you knew him: it is THE SIGNAL which should alert you. He tries to hide things from you.
  • He always puts it face down on the table: he tries to prevent you from seeing incoming calls and messages.
  • He is constantly vigilant and monitors his phone in an unusual way
  • Sometimes he walks away to take some calls when he never did that
  • He takes care that you are never alone in the presence of the phone

You have access to his phone

There is Ali Baba’s cave! But if he knows you know the code, he’ll still take precautions. He should not be taken for an idiot either! How to deflect your vigilance and do all your checks without being spotted? Don’t leave any traces of your research until you’re sure you want to talk to her. Curiosity could push you to make mistakes, but don’t succumb to it!

  • Rule # 1: Don’t open any unread messages
  • Rule # 2: Don’t delete any content
  • Rule n ° 3: Do not be fooled by appearances (if he has received calls 3 times a day for more than a week from a certain “Jacques” whom he has never told you about, you can collect the phone number. , Jacques is perhaps actually called Juliette…)
  • Rule n ° 4: Read between the lines (some messages can be “coded” to pass between the drops of your monitoring)
  • Rule n ° 5: Keep proof (take photos with your own phone, do not archive them for more than 24 hours. If possible, put a friend in the secret and tell her the photos you take. You will need arguments to prove your words when the time comes …)
  • Rule n ° 6: Do not reveal yourself at the first ambiguous text message! Extend your research for several days or even weeks. The more time passes, the less he will be wary. If you want to know the whole truth, give yourself a little time.

He lies

The hallmark of infidelity is lying! Be careful, there are several kinds of lies: the unspoken and secretive are also forms of false concealment! So you have to push your man to fault, but subtly.

First of all, know that the best liars never lie totally. They will always reveal a part of the truth to put you to sleep and hide the angry reality. Concrete example: he planned a restaurant outing with his conquest. He will actually tell you that he is going to a restaurant but with friends and that it is a night for men.

You will, therefore, rely on changes in habits to hunt down what he hides and do the appropriate research. Bear in mind that most unfaithful men think they’re smarter than you. Let him believe it by pretending to believe it. Someone who deceives always ends up betraying himself.

But we must not sink into paranoia and give ourselves the means to know the truth. Let’s stick to the restaurant example: let him think it’s great this little outing between men, ask him in which restaurant they plan to meet. He will invent a place, you just have to go and check it out.

Never be in doubt when faced with what you think is a lie. The Internet and your phone are your allies. You can control everything if you have patience. In situations where you can’t help it, move on.

Did he use a meeting at work as an excuse to come home later? Simulate a little surprise: go wait for her at the office to take her to dinner after her long day at work! If he didn’t lie, he’ll be very happy. If he is dating alone with a woman, go say hello to them and be very gentle with your missing partner. If he’s not there, go home and when he comes back, tell him what he’s supposed to have done! Then, continue your investigations …

Our s**x life has changed

Changes in s**xuality are very revealing in times of infidelity. Your partner no longer has the same needs with you and his desire is changed. This is one of the first consequences of deception. To see more clearly, take your usual s**x life as a benchmark and observe all the changes. Some may surprise you!

Some men break away from their partner when they cheat. It’s classic. How do I know if he’s cheating on me in this case?

  • He no longer asks you to make love: he. seems very well without
  • He no longer goes to bed at the same time as you
  • He gets up when he wakes up in the morning and doesn’t try to hang out in bed, even on weekends
  • He no longer caresses you and does not seek to arouse your desire

Other men will have unusual requests that sometimes reflect new s**xual practices discovered with another person. It is not because your partner is cheating on you that he will stop making love to you… But he can then have special requests.

  • He will buy s**x toys when you did not have any and you had never mentioned them
  • He offers you positions that you did not practice at all before
  • He shows you less tenderness during love and seems more focused on himself than on you

“How to know if he’s cheating on me?” : these 5 signs tell you a lot. But do not let yourself be overcome by doubt by remaining passive. A single sign is rarely significant on its own. It is the conjunction of at least 3 of the previous signs that should absolutely alert you.

If your man is cheating on you, give yourself time to establish the full reality of the facts before you act. It’s hard, but it’s the condition for you to get a full picture of the situation and make the right decisions for you.

Either save your couple and agree to forgive them to avoid breaking up or even divorce. Either go ahead, move on, and forget about your ex.