How to know if a man is secretly in love with you? Behavior, gestures and signs of a man in love

Knowing if a man is in love with you can be quite a complicated task. Much more when the majority hide these types of feelings. Since by default it is more complex for them to express this towards a girl.

Knowing the true profile of a man in love is important. Since it will help us avoid getting excited about the one who only wants to use us. Because we will always find the version of true love and not one that is not.

If you want to find out if he is truly in love with you, look at the following signs or signs of a mature man in love.

How to know if a man is in love with you?

To determine or identify the profile of a man in love you have to be aware, discover how a friend in love acts, observe the things that happen when he is with you.

The conduct or behavior of men, when they fall in love, will give them away. This is evident by how he treats you and makes you feel compared to other girls.

His body expression. This will certainly give away a man in love. The expressions of the face, if they are somber and calm when seeing you, it is certainly a sign. Also, his way of standing and sitting, if his legs or feet are apart it means that you can enter his space.

As he speaks to you and addresses you. Be aware of how he tries to impress you with what he says, to make you smile or look comfortable. Also, notice how he listens to you, pays attention to you, and is not bored at all.

Behavior, gestures, and signs of a man in love

See how men behave when they are or start to fall in love:

  • His smile is inevitable when he sees you and you are together. He tries to hide it but you really make him happy, so it will come out anyway.
  • The fact of how he looks at you. His eyes will literally sparkle at the sight of you and his pupils will dilate. It’s not just a glance, it really looks at you closely and can hardly stop doing it. Even if they are with a group of friends, their gaze will always be directed towards you. Because he can’t believe how amazing you are.
  • He pays you a lot of attention. Talk about what you talk about, he is hypnotized by your words and way of being. He really listens to you and is aware of what is happening in your life. He has an attitude of calm and passivity when listening to you speak.
  • He communicates with you very constantly, by text and in person. He always wants to be in contact, because not know what you do or where you kill him with intrigue.
  • The nervousness in him will be very evident. You will notice it by their body expressions, such as: always blowing their fingers, squeezing their hands, having them sweaty, repetitive movements, or by looking at the ground or anywhere after having collided glances with you.
  • He will always try to make you laugh and make you feel comfortable with him. Since he will always want to spend time with you the best way to do it is by making you feel comfortable and safe next to him.
  • He is very kind and courteous to you. He is always worried about how you are.
  • He supports you even in your weaknesses and shortcomings. Understanding each of them to help you if you let them.
  • Pay close attention to your lips. While they are talking, her gaze drops from time to time to your mouth in a very flirtatious and subtle way.
  • Always try to get your attention in a very “discreet” way.
  • It maintains a neat, clean and presentable appearance before you.

How to know if a man hides his feelings? Why does he do this?

To deduce if a man hides his feelings, you only have to observe the signs and symptoms mentioned above. Since these signs speak a lot about the behavior of a man in love who does not say what he feels directly.

This is noticeable more than anything when he is nervous and tries to avoid conversations that have to do with his feelings or his love life.

In society, a certain pattern has been dictated that must be followed. Because of this, many men in love hide feelings of love so as not to see themselves as “the weaker gender”. This can also be the product of shyness or fear when trying to show their love.