How to know if a man plays with you or truly loves you

Do you know why a man plays with a woman even though she loves her? A man plays with you for a simple reason, he is not interested in you, or he is simply an immature man. But there comes a point where it is all your responsibility. Maybe you don’t love yourself enough.

Why do men play with you? There are situations that are repeated with some frequency in relationships. A boy realizes that a girl is interested in him, feels flattered and agrees to go out with her. But there may be a detail: The boy has no feelings for her, but wants to spend time with her for fun and gives her hope.

Next we will see the signs that a man only plays with you. We ask ourselves, why are there men who play with the feelings of women? A man is very different from a woman, they can have relationships without love. A man plays with a woman because she allows it, she is deceiving herself.

I mean that not everything is the responsibility of a bad man who tries to take advantage of a woman in love . She also has responsibility, because when a man plays with a woman it shows, there are signs. You can tell when a man plays with you.

When a man plays with you there are signs that show in his behavior


For example, when a married man plays with you it shows. It happens many times that despite the fact that a woman realizes that they are playing with her feelings, she allows it. In this case, it is possible that she has low self-esteem or thinks she can change her man’s behavior.

In most cases, at the beginning of a relationship, everything is beautiful. They both look for each other, he is affectionate, she is very happy. A few months pass, and things begin to change, she feels a little sad because she notices that her man is no longer the same.

Everything has changed, you don’t know exactly what it is or why this happens. Sometimes he behaves lovingly towards you, and other times he becomes so strange, he even disappears as if you don’t exist. A man who plays with a woman is not always aware of how bad she is behaving.

Find out, there are signs when a man plays with a woman. Does any of the following things. But many times a woman does not want to believe that her man is playing with her. That is why the following tips are to get out of the doubts.

1.- Pay close attention to their behavior learn body language


If you ask him, he will tell you that he loves you. He may be delusional about this himself, but body language and emotions don’t lie. The actions of men who play with a woman give them away. Well, you will see them do things without delicacy and without thinking about others.

Therefore, to find out if a man plays with a woman, observe her behavior. You will notice some new things that you do, stop doing, or do in a different way.

2.- A man who plays with a woman stops doing what he always did


In the beginning I wrote to you several times a day on social media. At the beginning of the relationship, I was always watching you, calling and writing you every time I had free time. Little by little I stop paying attention to you and now a week can go by without calling you.

Now you call him, which is fine, but you discover that he is not busy at all. He no longer speaks to you with the same affection, yet he continues to tell you that he loves you.

3.- A man plays with you if he only looks for you to have fun in his own way

When there is a romantic moment, many women find it difficult to admit that their man is playing with them. A woman should know that a man can be very romantic when it suits him without feeling love.

How to detect the signs that a man only uses you just to have fun with you? He calls you only when he wants you. He gets nice to you, very affectionate, he tells you things that make you think he loves you. Everything is just in order to get to that moment of love that you need so much.

4.- A man who plays with a woman leads a single life

A man plays with you if you find out from mutual friends that I spend the weekend partying. He told you that he would be at his house doing urgent work or because he was feeling sick. Another of the signs that your boyfriend is playing with you: he lies to you, you discover that he does not do what he says.

People say that:

– A dumb woman + a smart man = an adventure
– A smart woman + a dumb man = a marriage
– A smart woman + a smart man = a romance
– A dumb woman + a dumb man = a pregnancy

5.- If your boyfriend avoids going out to public places, he may be playing with you

If your crush stops behaving in a loving way when they are in public, something is trying to hide. Maybe you want to pretend that you are just friends, why?

Every time they go out, they always go to places with little traffic and always at night. He tells you that he likes those places because there are not many people and it is quieter. But at the beginning of their relationship they went to the places they wanted and did not care if they were traveled or not.

6.- Your social media accounts do not reflect your social life, especially you

You complain to him that he has changed a lot and he tells you that no, that he still loves you as before. It even allows you to check their social accounts but you can’t find any social activity. Your accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., are empty of conversations, why?

You know that your crush is very social. They have friends in common and they tell each other things normally. Most likely, you are deleting all your conversations. Why? What’s wrong with it? It is normal for you to chat with friends or other people. But there is nothing? This is a sign that he is only playing with you.

7.- Now avoid answering calls or messages when he is with you, however before he did not do that

A man plays with a woman when his feelings are divided, he cannot focus on one. For example, if he is with you and receives calls, but avoids testing, it is a sign of something strange. Why doesn’t he want you to listen?

A relationship is above all a relationship of trust. There is nothing wrong with receiving a call from time to time while you are together. The most normal thing in those moments is, ask permission and answer the call, then continue. There is nothing that cover.

8.- When a man plays with a woman he can have character problems

Why does a man play with a woman even though he claims to love her? You may have self-esteem problems or your family life is very traumatic. You probably don’t have the right example of what a healthy love life looks like. He doesn’t even realize that he has a toxic inner life, but he feels like he really loves you.

9.- Observe how he behaves with his closest friends

When you go out with him and his friends or friends of both, he changes his behavior. In front of friends he stops being affectionate, he no longer behaves like your lover, but like one more friend. What is it trying to pretend and why? These are signs that a man is only playing with you.

If he goes out with his friends and you don’t even know about it. He doesn’t ask you out or tell you. Obviously he’s trying to hide something. He is trying to pretend that there is nothing with you. This means that your crush has started to play with you.

10.- Observe how he treats you in front of his family

At first I introduce you to his family and they had some opportunities to share together. But time passed and now his family no longer talks to you or treats you as before. You are not comfortable with all this. Something is wrong in your love relationship.

One sign that a man plays with you is when his family no longer treats you like their crush. Their family no longer see them together and they prefer to avoid communicating with you. It is as if your family thinks that something bad is happening between you. Obviously, you don’t know what he tells them or what they see him doing.

11.- Let no one take advantage of your love or play with your feelings

Above all learn to love yourself. What would you do for someone you love? Be happy knowing yourself better, increasing your self-esteem, loving yourself for who you are. The hard truth of why a man plays with a woman is because he finds the way to do it.

If your self-esteem is high, if you don’t need anyone to complete you, you will not allow anyone to play with you. When you learn to love yourself and give yourself experiences out of love for yourself, you will associate with the right people.

Do not allow a man to play with you, look out for you and your own well-being. Don’t trust everyone’s good intentions. Set limits for a boy who plays with you. You are not owned by anyone.

Other signs that a man is playing with you

1. You are always there when he needs you, but you don’t notice the same involvement in him.
2. While you are alone for him, you find out he is with many girls. Obviously, a man plays with you.
3. Doesn’t speak to you clearly. His words say one thing and his deeds say the opposite.
4. He only calls you to meet at the last minute, at the last moment as if you were his last option.
5. The story never progresses. It continues without increasing the bond of love, nobody else finds out about you.
6. You look for a greater degree of commitment, and he does nothing, so, take it for granted.
7. Your compliments feel like too much, they don’t correspond to your actions.
8. He often doesn’t reply to your messages until the next morning.
9. He never wants to go out with you as if he had some secret, it is likely that you are for him.
10. He calls you with a generic nickname, pretty, cute, dulce de leche, etc., so as not to get the wrong name.
11. He never wants to hug you in public or when they are with friends. This means that a man plays with you.
12. You are always reluctant to make plans. He likes to go out only on weekends, no doubt to lead the single life.